Letters to the Editor


A timely question

I’m writing this after many months of wondering why the clock on the City Hall building reads 6:10 all day, every day.  Does this mean Seal Beach is ahead of its time, behind the times, or a place of timeless beauty?

Hoping for a return to proper timekeeping soon.


Lois Sheppard

Short memory

What’s up with Anne Walshe’s short memory when she asks why Leisure World needs a conduct policy?

In Walshe’s Aug. 5 letter, it appears she somehow forgot Leisure World’s hate speech incident in mid-March.

The anonymous letter to an Asian widow celebrating her husband’s death? The one reported in The Times of New York and Los Angeles, The Posts of Washington and New York, in People and Newsweek magazines?

Every month this year, the community’s security report lists three-to-seven profanity-laced attacks by residents on residents and community volunteers.

And while you wouldn’t think it of a community filled with grandparents, LW residents have physically assaulted Leisure World employees.

Why does Leisure World need a conduct policy?

Among a few residents, childhood lessons about bullies seem to have faded.

If Ms. Walshe has already forgotten why we need a resident conduct policy, maybe her memory should be refreshed as well.

Karen Encinas

Leisure World

Protecting her children

The taxes I pay help pay for public schools in the Los Alamitos Unified School District.

One of the main reasons I chose this area was because of the great reputation LAUSD had. Times have changed. Once I learned that LAUSD embraces the anti-Christian, anti-Semitic, anti-American Critical Race Theory doctrine, I had to find a way to protect my children. Whatever name they give to Critical Race Theory (ethnic studies, social justice, whites are bad, etc.), it is still Critical Race Theory!

The only way I can protect my children from these racist teachings is to remove them from the district. I would rather bear this financial burden than subject my children to these divisive teachings.

In multiple emails, Superintendent Pulver has pushed back on accusations of promoting Critical Race Theory, unequivocally stating “we are not implementing Critical Race Theory.”

In my opinion, Los Alamitos Unified School District Superintendent Dr. Andrew Pulver confirmed that LAUSD embraces Critical Race Theory not only by implementing the social justice standards in K-12 and the ethnic studies curriculum in high school, but also by inviting Dr. Tyrone Howard as the guest speaker for LAUSD’s upcoming welcome back teachers event on August 13.

The same Dr. Tyrone Howard who wrote the foreword for the book “Critical Race Theory in Teacher Education” by Keonghee Tao Han and Judson Laughter.

This is what Dr. Howard wrote in the foreword: “Han and Laughter have assembled an amazing group of scholars and practitioners merging the fields of Critical Race Theory and teacher education.”

And the same Dr. Tyrone Howard who wrote the 2019 book “All Students Must Thrive: Transforming Schools to Combat Toxic Stressors and Cultivate Critical Wellness,” where the publisher states Dr. Howard’s book “brings together three frameworks relevant for equity in schools–wellness, critical pedagogy, and critical race theory.”

It certainly sounds like Dr. Pulver and the LAUSD not only support, but promote Critical Race Theory!

Superintendent Pulver and the LAUSD may erroneously assume that because my kids are not attending the district’s schools that my standing as a concerned taxpaying parent ceases to be of their concern. They are wrong!

Because LAUSD has forced me to protect my children from their radical teachings, I plan to be even more vocal about what the LAUSD is doing within our community.

Other parents have also been forced to remove their children and either lose income to homeschool or find the money to send their kids to a private/charter school.

Plus, recent events have made some people question moving into any of the cities covered by LAUSD.

From coast to coast, parents are protesting the Marxist Critical Race Theory.

Concerned parents and homeowners in and around LAUSD are invited to voice their concerns to Dr. Pulver and the LAUSD Board since there is no question they support CRT.


Staci Muller

Seal Beach Resident

Avoiding COVID

I went to Mother’s Kitchen in Sunset and, after seeing that not one staff member had a mask on properly (a few under their chin), I promptly walked out.

I am fully vaccinated and had my mask on. Mother’s Kitchen should know better that with the Delta variant, corporate policy should be mandatory masks for their staff.

I have friends who are fully vaccinated get breakthrough infections that meant seven to 10 days too sick to work, but not sick enough to be hospitalized.

I am doing all I can to avoid getting COVID.

So I won’t be going back to Mother’s Kitchen until we reach herd immunity.


Kelley Barton

Seal Beach

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