Isaiah House Blanket Project update

Pictured above are Seal Beach Symphony Artistic Director Chad Berlinghieri and Sister Eymard Flood.

I was very pleased to be able to use my birthday this year as an incentive to raise awareness and the funds to ship yet another one thousand blankets at the cost of $7,000 arriving just in time for Easter.

This brings the total this winter to 3,000 blankets and the cost of $21,000.

Of course, that is a wholesale figure as the manufacturer is providing them to us at cost. Retail would be more than double the amount!

Thank you again to those who continue to support this worthy project.

The community of Seal Beach, my friends at Saint Anne’s who after 13 years as Cantor there, are more like family to me now.

To the Seal Beach Lions whom I am honored to be a part of.

Your selfless giving of time and efforts to the community are truly unparalleled by any other service club and are a leading example of excellence.

Thank you to Sister Eymard Flood who has now been supporting Isaiah House for the last thirty years.

It has been my pleasure to carry on your tireless work in helping others.

I have learned that the more you give, the more that returns to you.

Finally, we should all follow the example of Leia Smith, the proprietor of Isaiah House. Her herculean efforts to support those in need never ceases to amaze!

As Covid finally begins to subside here, I feel fortunate to have been vaccinated.

I see more people in restaurants and advertisements for musical events.

As for the Seal Beach Symphony, I am looking forward to bringing a project to the community very soon and we have some great news that I cannot wait to announce.

As far as the homeless project goes. Until next winter, “that’s a wrap!” Or should I say… “a blanket?”

To donate, call (562) 509)8640 or visit –

Chad Berlinghieri is artistic director of the Seal Beach Symphony.