Griffin Sports Report: Los Al loses CIF bid in game against Encino

Although their CIF hopes were dashed, Los Alamitos Griffins Varsity football put up a good fight all season long.

Despite being the Sunset League Champions, Los Alamitos High School Griffins football team lost a good game against Crespi of Encino last Thursday night at Long Beach Veterans’ stadium.

Crespi High School played a swarming defense against the hot streaking offense of Los Alamitos.

A stout defense held running back Cody Paul to minimum yardage, and Los Al’s Nick Richardson to one 47-yard sprinting run. The two running backs normally will break one or two big yardage gains a game that result in a score or a moral uplift that generate a victory.

Los Alamitos did march on Crespi in the first quarter.

Los Alamitos’ offensive line was effective on the snap of the ball, but Crespi pursued well and held Los Al. Defensively, Daniel Tyler, #20 had one of his greatest nights as a defensive back. From a spectacular one-arm tackle on one Crespi running back to a huge sac of the Crespi Quarterback in the opening defensive series, Los Alamitos defense looked good in the first quarter. Opening the second series of offense Coach Barnes had Nick Richardson take a direct snap from the center and just let Nick Richardson figure his own route.

Second quarter

In the second quarter, Crespi moved into a hurry-up offense that was effective. Despite another night of great effort by Aaron Davis, #8 who made some great diving tackles and Traveeon Bennett, #10 made a great tackle stopping a touchdown run, Crespi proved too strong on offense and scored on a pass.

With the conversion of the extra point Crespi led 7-6. Cody Paul’s ensuing return of the kick-off and a 15-yard penalty put Los Alamitos in good position to score. Crespi defense again rose to stop Los Alamitos offense.

Again, Daniel Tyler, #20’s hard-hitting tackles created a Crespi fumble that Crespi recovered. Tyler continued his blitz performance by sacking the Crespi quarterback.

Defensive Back Coach Jim Van Gorder of Los Alamitos was looking good on his calls against Crespi. Half time came and it was 7-6 Crespi ahead by one point.

Half Time report

The absence of the band as they where in Freso competeing in the 2010 WBA Grand Champions and the color guards at half-time was a letdown. I always figured they put the football game into two halves for the very existence of a marching band for football games.

Jennifer Ramirez, faculty leader and mom of the great Los Alamitos Cheerleaders came through with non-stop cheerleading activity.  Rebecca Acuna is our cheerleader of the week, whose continuous efforts are reflective of those of Jennifer Ramirez. Rebecca is a junior who carries a 4.2 grade point average in school and is totally dedicated to her cheerleading efforts and performances for Los Alamitos High School.

Third quarter

Third quarter action had Los Alamitos kicking off to Crespi. Great efforts by the defensive line against the quick play Crespi offense, especially Kyle Zottineck #63 adjusted quickly and proved to be a good rusher against the Crespi pass.

Despite great effort by Aaron Davis, Crespi scored on a scrambling pass.

Crespi now lead 14-6. Cody Paul again came back with a nice kickoff return giving Los Alamitos some good field position.

Dylan Lagarde turned in some good passes to Luke Iknadosian, # 16 on two plays. Ike showed great hands and running ability. Kyle Roberts could not be stopped on a great pass from Dylan for a touchdown, and the ensuing critical two-point conversion to tie the game. 14-14. Los Alamitos went on to play defense trying to fight the clock and give the offense the ball. Andrew Faraimo, #11 turned in another night of spectacular defense moves in these key moments with very aggressive tackling.

Fourth Quarter

In the Fourth quarter, Crespi in its hurry up offense moved the ball well and scored again giving Crespi a 21-14 lead. This proved to be the most critical for the Los Alamitos offense. They needed to score, and with Nick Richardson’s, 48-yard dash into the Crespi Red Zone, Los Al was looking good.

Los Alamitos quarterback Dylan Lagarde scrambled for a beautiful end zone pass to Richard Turner for an apparent great catch for a tie scoring touchdown pass.

Los Al receiver Richard Turner caught the ball out of bounds.

From the media box, it looked like a close call. I will always, on any close call, turn my binoculars to the flamboyant, expressive Coach Barry Sher, who was voicing his opinion and rule interpretations to the referee.

Coach Barry is a mirror and a spirit of the Los Alamitos team. Word came quickly down to the writers that the game camera had caught Richard Turner in the end zone with two feet and a solid catch.

On the sidelines, Coach Barnes turned his efforts to winning the game.

The play was over and Los Al needed to stop Crespi on defense and get the ball back to score.

Crespi caught Los Al on a rotating defense and the Crespi receiver made a great catch, running for a 97-yard touchdown run, giving Crespi a 28-14 ball game.

Conlusion: Another great Sunset Championship season. Congratulations to the coaching staff of Los Alamitos, and of course to Coach Barnes, to the Los Alamitos Booster Club and Jim Main president of the club.

Griffin Sports Report: Los Al loses CIF bid in game against Encino