Finance director: budget on track at midyear

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Seal Beach’s interim finance director said the General Fund is expected to come in at budget.

That was the word from Interim Finance Director/Treasurer Sherry Johnson at her recent presentation on the mid-year budget for 2021-22.

In related news, Johnson reported that the previous fiscal year’s budget came in $1.8 million over budget. According to the adopted budget for 2020-21, last fiscal year’s Operating and Capital Improvement budget was more than $61.9 million. See page 1 of the budget document. (It appears as page 8 of the PDF version.) The city’s financial year ends in June.

“My takeaway is that the City’s estimates for the budget are close to what is actually happening and currently the City is in good shape financially,” wrote District Two Councilman Thomas Moore in a recent email. “Rather than increase spending, I believe the City should be careful. With some uncertainty in the economy starting, it is important to be fiscally conservative so the City can deal with unexpected events over the next few years..”

District One Councilman/Mayor Joe Kalmick said the city was continuing to do a good job of managing the budget.

“We’re hearing even better results than we even planned for,” he said in a recent phone interview. He said Seal Beach would be able to fund projects at a faster rate than in the past. “I have to give credit to staff because they’re doing a good job,” he said.

“It’s really allowed us to look at the CIP [capital improvement program] and infrastructure issues,” he said. Kalmick cited repaving the beach parking lot as one of the projects. He also said parks need updating.

Finance director: budget on track at midyear