Crime Log: Twenty-one residential burglaries reported in Seal Beach since Jan. 1


Twenty-one homes and garages throughout Seal Beach were burglarized between Jan. 1 and April 14 of this year, according to Seal Beach Police Cpl. Michael Henderson.

According to Henderson, 12 of the burglarized properties were homes and seven were garages, including the theft of a car from a garage on Wednesday, April 8. (See story, page 13.) In a recent Leisure World burglary, the suspect apparently stole dog food. Both that Leisure World burglary and the car theft/burglary were cleared by the arrest of a suspect.

He said the garage burglaries were also classified as residential burglaries.

Twelve of the burglaries occurred in Old Town, four on the Hill and five in Leisure World.

There was no sign of forced entry in 11 of the cases.

“The method of entry on the burglaries that have occurred during the daytime has either been forced entry or the residence (or garage) was unlocked,” Henderson said.

Cpl. Henderson offered  the following burglary prevention tips:

Unlocked garages and residences are an invitation to would-be criminals.  Please assist the Seal Beach Police Department with crime prevention by locking your home, garage, and car.

Additionally, there are several proactive measures that homeowners can take to help deter criminals.

Install burglar alarms and surveillance systems.

Install motion activated lighting.

Have a dog.

Do things so it appears the residence is occupied.

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

By Cpl. Michael Henderson

More than 200 law enforcement agencies through the state, including the Seal Beach Police Department, are working together on increased education and enforcement efforts to mark the occasion.

“Driving takes one’s full attention and any distraction can have deadly, dangerous consequences,” said Seal Beach Police Chief Joe Stilinovich. “Imagine driving for four or five seconds while blindfolded.  That can be the effect of looking down to send a text message.  In the average time it takes to check a text message—less than 5 seconds—a car traveling 60 mph will travel more than the length of a football field.”

The urge to read and answer an incoming message when we hear the text sound can be almost overwhelming.  While distracted driving affects all motorists, young drivers are at a greater risk.

The number one killer of teens in California is reckless and distracted driving. “People are realizing that everyday behaviors, such as texting or reaching for a dropped item, can be lethal when done behind the wheel,” said Kelly Browning, executive director of Impact Teen Drivers.

“Each of us must drive responsibly, keeping full attention to the task at hand—driving. If you have teenagers in your family who are driving, make sure they understand the laws and what their responsibilities are as well,” Chief Stilinovich said.

“The collective goal with this month-long campaign is to change the behavior of all drivers.  That change begins with education,” Stilinovich said.

Crime Log Compiled by Charles M. Kelly


Monday, March 30

Vehicle Burglary—7:18 a.m.—Electric Avenue—Loss: change and miscellaneous items. Point of entry: unknown.

The car was locked. The crime took place between 9 p.m., Sunday, March 29, and the time of the call to police. Report taken.

Tuesday, March 31

Suspicious Occupied Vehicle—10:13 a.m.—Crestview and Avalon—The caller saw a woman who the caller said was not known to the area driving a car.

She stopped several times and appeared to be writing something down.

The same citizen called back at 10:23 a.m. to report another vehicle that the caller thought might be related to the woman.

Counseling—12:44 p.m.—Rose Street—The caller, a woman, sold a phone to a second woman. They met through a neighborhood phone app.

The second woman now wanted to return the phone and get her money back.

When the caller said no, the second woman reportedly threatened the first.

Water Problem—6:05 p.m.—Camellia Street—The caller reported a broken water meter in front of the location. The water was flooding the street. Message left for Public Works Department at 6:51 p.m. Public Works en route at 7 p.m.

Suspicious Circumstances—11:30 p.m.—Ironwood Avenue—The caller reported hearing something at the side of the caller’s home that led the caller to think someone was trying to get in.

The caller wasn’t expecting anyone. The caller didn’t see any suspicious vehicles.

The caller thought she heard someone talking. Police unit 206 checked and determined that no further police services were necessary.

Wednesday, April 1

Public Intoxication—12:23 a.m.—Seal Way and 12th Street—The caller reported seeing a woman who the caller apparently described as a transient sitting on someone’s chaise lounge and talking to herself.

Police unit 207 arrested her on suspicion of public intoxication.

Animal Information—8:55 a.m.—Ocean Avenue—The officer in police unit 107 reported seeing two sea lions in distress above the water line on the north side of the Seal Beach Pier.

Message delivered to Long Beach Animal Care Services. Log entry.

Dead Animal—9:20 a.m.—10th Street—The caller reported seeing a dead opossum in the roadway. Message delivered to Long Beach Animal Care Services.

Thursday, April 2

Identity Theft—11:48 a.m.—Ironwood Avenue—Someone used a resident’s Social Security number to file a 2014 tax return. Report taken.

Suspicious Occupied Vehicles—5:13 p.m.—Seal Beach Boulevard—The citizen reported what the caller suspected might be drug-related activity.

Two vehicles were parked side-by-side. One vehicle was occupied by four individuals.

The occupants of the vehicles got out and exchanged cash for something that would fit in an individual’s pocket.

The caller felt that the suspects were trying to hide what they were exchanging.

A third vehicle, a sedan, arrived and the suspects put bags in the trunk.

Everyone got into the sedan and drove off, leaving the other two vehicles behind.

Four suspects were in the sedan. Police unit 107 advised they would handle the call.

However, police were unable to locate the vehicle.

Friday, April 3

Traffic Collission, Non-Injury—1:31 P.m.—College Park Drive—A Prius hit a light pole. All the occupants were out of the vehicle and apparently unharmed.

Police unit M8 determined there was no damage to city property. The car was towed at the owner’s request. Assisted.

Welfare Check—4:09 p.m.—Seal Beach Boulevard—The caller said an elderly man with a shopping cart appeared to be disoriented and was creating a traffic hazard.

Police unit S23 contacted him and determined he was OK.

Panhandling—4:38 p.m.—Westminster Avenue—The caller said a woman and her kids (the caller apparently did not specify how many) were panhandling in the parking lot.

Counterfeit—5:01 p.m.—Pacific Coast Highway—A man and a woman tried to pass a counterfeit $100 bill. The caller kept the fake bill. Report taken.

Saturday, April 4

Distrubance—6:51 a.m.—Ocean Avenue—A man with a long pole was reportedly walking back and forth in front of the location while yelling. He was gone when police unit 107 arrived.

Traffic Hazard—8 a.m.—Bike Path on North Gate Road—The Long Beach Police Department, relaying second-hand information, notified the Seal Beach Police Department that there was a sink hole on the bike path on North Gate Road, near Leisure World, located 100 feet south of the 22 Freeway.

The hole was described as 2 feet round. There was apparently water at the bottom of the hole.

Seal Beach Police Department unit M8 requested Public Works. By 9:11 a.m., the Long Beach Water Department had arrived and coned off the area.

Suspicious Person—10:29 a.m.—Pacific Coast Highway and Seal Beach Boulevard—The caller said a woman was screaming at herself and throwing things.

Police unit 107 contacted her. The officer did not see her screaming or throwing anything.

The woman was uncooperative with the officer and declined to identify herself. She was apparently advised not to disturb the peace.

Welfare Check—10:31 a.m.—Seal Beach Boulevard—The caller said there were beggars with signs at the front entrance to the location. With them were three or four children.

They were asking for money. Police apparently had numerous contacts with the individuals in question and determined no police services were required.

Disturbance, Juveniles—11:33 a.m.—Electric Avenue and Main Street—The caller called 911 to report five juveniles on skateboards grabbing passing vehicles. Police unit 241 advised the juveniles against doing that and they apparently said they would comply.

Sunday, April 5

Disturbance, Party—3:36 a.m.—Ocean Avenue—The caller complained about individuals yelling profanties out of a window and making too much noise.

Police unit 207 contacted the individuals and advised them to stop making noise.

They indicated they would comply.

The party was shut down.

Found Property—12:05 p.m.—Electric Avenue and Seal Beach Boulevard—The caller found an abandoned suitcase on the east side of Seal Beach Boulevard, between Electric Avenue and Pacific Coast Highway.

Police unit 107 responded and determined no further police services were necessary.

The suitcase was put in a trash bin.

Tresspassing—12:35 p.m.—Bolsa Avenue—The caller just drove by the location and reported seeing two juveniles on the roof of the school.

The caller did have have a description of the two juveniles. The log did not specify their gender.

Police unit 206 contacted an unspecified number of juveniles on Island View. Counselled.

Welfare Check—7:39 p.m.—First Street—A man who was holding a pole was seen sitting on a sidewalk.

Two different callers told police that he did not respond when passersby asked if he was OK.

At 7:42 p.m., he reportedly got up and fell over.

Police arrested him for public intoxication.

Crime Log: Twenty-one residential burglaries reported in Seal Beach since Jan. 1