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Thursday, September 16

• Welfare Check—(Priority 2)—Lampson Avenue and Basswood Street—11:05 a.m.—A female individual approximately 60 years old was seen walking eastbound in the westbound lanes. The woman was seen wearing a black shirt, sweatpants and a bandana on her head. The reporting person was concerned that she would get hit by a car. The individual in question was yelling at passersby as they drove by.

• Grand Theft Reported—(Priority 3)—Fir Avenue—11:21 a.m.—Earlier in the week, the reporting person had his catalytic converter stolen. The reporting person did not know his license plate number and would obtain it through other means.

• Traffic Hazard—(Priority 2)—Pacific Coast Highway—12:30 p.m.—Clothing and a hamper were reportedly left in the in the far right traffic lanes of Pacific Coast Highway. The roadway was cleared and an additional CalTrans sweeper cleaned the southbound side of Pacific Coast Highway into Huntington Beach.

Friday, September 17

• Defrauding an Innkeeper—(Priority 3)—Old Ranch Parkway—11:05 p.m.—Occurring approximately three hours before the reporting person called in, an individual came to a location and left without paying their bill. It was unknown if the individual left in a vehicle.

• Fraud Reported—(Priority 3)—Knollwood Road—11:37 a.m.—Beginning earlier in April or August, the reporting person got swindled out of an undisclosed amount of money from a Nigerian company. The reporting person did not give any further information over the phone.

Saturday, September 18

• Traffic Hazard—(Priority 2)—Lampson Avenue and  Candleberry Avenue—11:38 a.m.—The westbound lanes were blocked by tree branches that had fallen into the street. The branches were later cleared.

• Disturbing Individual—(Priority 2)—Pacific Coast Highway—12:54 p.m.—A male individual with dark hair, wearing unknown clothing was seen in the street on Pacific Coast Highway, flipping off drivers. The reporting person advised that the individual had moved to a nearby parking lot and was going up to customers at the location. The reporting person said that the individual looked as though he was under the influence.

Sunday, September 19

• Drunk—(Priority 2)—2nd Street—10:48 p.m.—An individual was seen drinking a beverage and sitting in his vehicle. The car was not running. The reporting person saw him drinking from a tall can and was fearful that the individual would try to drive away.

• Disturbing Individual—(Priority 2)—Pacific Coast Highway—11:21 a.m.—A man described as about 40  was seen wearing a red shirt and jeans.

The reporting person advised the individual to walk towards the reporting person’s vehicle when they were loading their truck. As the reporting person was loading his truck, the male individual threatened him as he walked towards the rear of a building nearby. The reporting person was no longer in the area and left 5 minutes prior to the call but would have to return for his laundry.

• Petty Theft—(Priority 3)—First Street  and  Ocean Avenue—11:23 a.m.—The reporting person had gone surfing and placed his backpack and a surfboard under the lifeguard tower closest to where he would be paddling out. When the reporting person returned, their items were missing. According to the individual, a possible suspect was described as a transient male who was carrying a guitar. The individual was seen by the reporting person previously and had been near the tower when the reporting person last saw his property.

• Disturbing Music—(Priority 3)—Ocean Avenue—9:38 a.m.—At the base of the pier, an older couple with an amplifier were seen and heard playing loud music.

Monday, September 20

• Open Door—(Priority 2)—Main Street—1:15 p.m.—Business hours showed that a business was closed on Mondays, but the doors to a business were open. Nothing appeared to be displaced. The reporting person was flagged down by a passerby. They checked the interior. The property manager was notified and the building was locked.

• Identity Theft—(Priority 3)—Seventh Street—5:13 p.m.—An unknown individual hacked into the reporting person’s information. The unknown individual opened credit cards under the reporting person’s name, changed a few emails and their phone number as well.

Tuesday, September 21

• Disturbing Noise—(Priority 3)—Main Street  and Central Avenue—1:48 p.m.—Individuals were seen and heard playing loud music on the corner of Main Street and Central.

• Petty Theft—(Priority 3)—15th Street—8:15 a.m.—The reporting person had an Amazon package stolen from her front porch. The suspected individual was reportedly recorded on video stealing the package. The reporting person had a picture of the package and declined to make a formal report. She was refunded for the stolen package.

• Disturbing Juveniles—(Priority 3)—Old Ranch Road—12:09 a.m.—Male juveniles jumped a fence and were swimming around in a pool.

Wednesday, September 22

• Burglary Report—(Priority 3)—Seal Beach Boulevard—10:40 a.m.—The reporting person’s wallet, watch, phone and money were missing. The reporting person’s military ID was also missing. The theft, according to the reporting person, occurred while he slept.

The reporting person woke up in the morning to find his door propped open.

• Forgery Reported—(Priority 3)—Del Monte Drive—3:48 p.m.—Checks were forged in the reporting person’s name and cashed. The individual who cashed the forged checks also used three different names that were also added to the checks.

Thursday, September 23

• Counseling—(Priority 3)—Candleberry Avenue—10:24 a.m.—The reporting person wanted an officer to contact him regarding a note left on his door from an unknown neighbor regarding his dog’s excessive barking. The reporting person was advised that Long Beach Animal Control handles barking dog issues, but the reporting person felt that the note was threatening and ruined the paint on his front door, due to it being taped onto the front of the door. The reporting person stated that he did not feel threatened and just wanted the incident documented in call notes. He also said that he would appreciate the note writer to just speak with him face-to-face if they were to call in the future.

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