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Tuesday, August 31

• Transient—(Priority 3)—Main Street—12:22 a.m.—In an alley off of main street, a male apparently described as a transient was seen sleeping next to a business next to the reporting person’s location.

The individual was asked to leave the premises and complied.

• Patrol Check—(Priority 3)—Avalon Drive—10:06 a.m.—Two females were seen walking their dogs off leash while walking toward the reporting person.

The two females changed direction and walked toward Heron Point.

The reporting person said they had five dogs. The reporting person was advised to contact animal control.

• Disturbing Individual—(Priority 3)—Seal Beach Boulevard—12:38 p.m.—The reporting person said there was an individual playing an accordion. The individual was begging for money, when the reporting person asked her mom not to give the individual money. The individual became verbal with the reporting person.

• Found Property—(Priority 4)—Bluebell Street—6:31 p.m.—The reporting person found a phone at a nearby park.

• Welfare Check—(Priority 3)—Electric Avenue and Seal Beach Boulevard—4:32 p.m. – An individual apparently described as a transient was seen lying on the Greenbelt by a patio. The reporting person asked officers to check on the individual and see if he was OK. Officers who responded reported the individual as sleeping.

• Auto Theft Report—(Priority 3)—5th Street and Central Avenue—5:40 p.m.—The reporting person reported their white 2001 Chevy Silverado with a White bed cover stolen. The vehicle was left parked and locked on Fifth Street, just south of Central Avenue. The vehicle was described as having a white fiberglass bed cover on the back with both the front and back plates attached to the vehicle. All keys to the vehicle were accounted for. The owner of the vehicle wanted to prosecute. However, there was no suspect information at the time.

• Suspicious Occupied Vehicle—(Priority 2)—Purdue Circle—8:08 p.m.—The reporting person advised of an older model Gold Toyota Camry or sedan driving slowly around the neighborhood for 10—15 minutes. The vehicle then left the area.

• Vehicle Burglary—(Priority 3)—Seal Beach Boulevard—8:14 a.m. – Someone broke into the reporting person’s car sometime during the night. Their rear passenger side window was smashed and the unknown individual stole an engineering tool, an Olympus UT in a blue Pelican case, and two pairs of boots valued at an undisclosed amount.

• Municipal Code Violation—(Priority 3)—Elder Avenue—8:54 p.m.—The reporting person had an ongoing issue with the owner of a boat that was attached to a truck near the reporting person’s location. The issue with the boat was the owner has left the boat in the street for long periods of time including overnight. The reporting person said the boat was more than 50 feet in length. The reporting person requesting the boat be checked for violation marks based on the boat being parked in the spot for more than 72 hours. The owner of the boat was advised of the Municipal Code and told police they would comply with officers’ request as well as obtain permits for the trailer.

• Found Bicycle—(Priority 4)—Seal Beach Boulevard—9:54 p.m.—Two bicycles were held at the front gate of a residence for 30 days.


September 1

• Theft Report—(Priority 3)—Seal Beach Boulevard—1:49 p.m.—The reporting person’s wallet was stolen. The reporting person was not sure where it was lost, but advised the wallet contained his ID, credit card and Social Security card.

Fraud Report—(Priority 3)—Merion Way—1:51 p.m.—The reporting person was scammed out of an undisclosed amount of money from a gift card scam.

• Possible Identity Theft—(Priority 3)—Thunderbird Drive—10:04 p.m.—The reporting person gave an individual their Social Security Number over the phone. The reporting person was afraid this was a possible scam.

• Transient—(Priority 3)—Pacific Coast Highway—11:21 p.m.—A male apparently described as a transient was screaming obscenities.

The individual, who was using a walker, was asked to leave the area. The reporting person said the individual was lying on a bench to the rear of a business.

• Petty Theft—(Priority 2)—Ocean Place (on First Street)- 11:30 p.m.—A bike was stolen from the reporting person while he was in the restroom. Another witness pursued the bike on his own bike. The stolen bike was a black Canyon Road Bike.

The witness followed the bike into a trailer park. Inside the trailer park the suspected individual was attempting to lose the witness.

The witness was at the entrance of the trailer park waiting for officers to arrive on scene. The victim walked to catch up with the witness on the corner of 1st street and Ocean.

Officers were en route looking for the stolen bike. Officers were able to locate the stolen bike. Police arrested Kevin Emidy, 38, on suspicion of grand theft.

• Transient—(Priority 3)—Westminster Avenue—12:15 p.m.—A female transient was harassing customers as they walked in a business. The woman had a crutch and white sweater.

• Disturbance—(Priority 2)—12 Street and Landing Avenue- 2:11 p.m.—North Bound on Pacific Coast Highway from 12th Street, an individual apparently described as transient on a bicycle was reportedly disturbing the peace. The individual was described as wearing a white shirt.

According to the reporting person he was very threatening.

• Traffic Hazard—(Priority 2) – Fifth Street and Pacific Coast Highway—2:15 p.m.—A female was running and dancing around in traffic.

A woman wearing a dress with flowers on it said she lost her chicken.

• Petty Theft Reported—(Priority 3)—Seal Beach Boulevard—3:14 p.m.—The reporting person said she dropped her wallet containing her target red card, ID and Social Security Number at gas pumps. Since the reporting person had dropped her wallet he had received alerts that her target red card had been used multiple times in Cypress.

• Counseling—(Priority 3)—Marina Drive—4:46 p.m.—The reporting person wanted the location of a caller regarding the placement of an ad in a local newspaper. This ad referenced the reporting person’s lost diamond. An unknown individual called her from Seal Beach claiming he was in possession of the diamond but would not provide any further information.

• Traffic Hazard—(Priority 2)—Pacific Coast Highway—5:54 p.m.—A male individual was seen walking along the center block wall in the southbound lanes of Pacific Coast Highway. Officers contacted the individual midway. The male individual was safely assisted to the Seal Beach bike path. He was advised to remain in the bike path as it was unsafe in the median. The individual understood and was unaware he could not walk next to the raised median.

• Fraud Report—(Priority 3)—Seal Beach Boulevard—5:55 p.m.—An unknown individual withdrew an undisclosed amount in funds from the reporting person’s bank account.

• Drunk—(Priority 2)—Pacific Coast Highway—6:10 p.m.—Two male individuals approximately 19—20 years of age were seen drinking to the side of the building.

According to the reporting person they appeared extremely drunk.

• Fight—(Priority 2)—Pacific Coast Highway—7:15 p.m.—The reporting person saw two male individuals fist fighting in front of a business.

• Municipal Code Complaint—(Priority 3)—Hazelnut Avenue—8:12 p.m.—A driver was seen stopping at every residence and going through their recycling bins at the curb.

• Transient—(Priority 3)—Central Avenue—9:48 a.m. – An individual apparently described as a transient was seen sleeping in front of the location and would not leave. Officers spoke with the individual and he was sent on his way.

• Welfare Check—(Priority 2)—Electric Avenue—9:49 a.m.—The reporting person said there were a lot of suitcases near an individual apparently described as a transient on the north side of a building.

The individual complied with responding officers when asked to leave the area. The individual moved to the park.

Crime Log