Crime Log



Saturday, August 21

• Fraud Report—(Priority 3)—First Street—1:44 p.m.—The reporting person reported fraudulent charges on their credit card.

• Disturbing Subject—(Priority 2)—Ocean Avenue—10:04 p.m.—The reporting person saw seven individuals in a parking lot. They were standing around a dark colored hatchback with the trunk open and a grey Chevy Tahoe beside it. The reporting person also saw a few other individuals on bikes.

• Found Property—(Priority 3)—Lampson Avenue and Rose Street—10:09 a.m.—The reporting person found a driver’s license and a Social Security card at the reporting persons front door.

• Patrol Check—(Priority 3)—Main Street—10:17 p.m.—The reporting person advised of possible sewage coming up from a manhole in the alley. After a closer observation, the reporting person stated they saw a small amount of sewage and toilet paper coming from the manhole. The reporting person was advised to call Public Works.

• Disturbing Music—(Priority 3)—Lampson Avenue—10:44 p.m.—The reporting person advised of loud music coming from the location.

• Traffic Collision, non-injury—(Priority 3)—Seal Beach Boulevard—The parties involved did not desire a report and exchanged info.

• Traffic Collision, non-injury—(Priority 3)—Seal Beach Boulevard and Old Ranch Road—3 p.m.—A grey Toyota Camry and a grey Ford F-250 were involved in a traffic collision. Info was exchanged and no report was required.

• Keep the Peace—(Priority 3)—North Gate Road—3:08 p.m.—A patient being discharged was refusing to talk to staff. The patient, a homeless male, agreed to only talk to the Police Department. The reporting person stated they are in the front of the parking lot. The patient declined to leave the facility and was being counselled by the reporting person. The reporting person stated she would call ombudsman on behalf of the patient.

• Suspicious Person—(Priority 2)—Montecito Road—5:07 p.m.—A male individual with a red bandana was seen leaning over a pole trying to get through a locked gate.

• Assist outside agency—(Priority 3)—Ocean Avenue—5:58 p.m.—A 68-year-old women fell and hit her head on the sidewalk. The woman was bleeding from her head, but the reporting person believed the bleeding had stopped while on the phone with officers. The elderly woman walked from the pier westbound on Ocean, then tripped on a crack in the sidewalk in front of Ocean. She was transported to undisclosed location.

• Suspicious Person—(Priority 2)—Montecito Road—6:08 p.m.—The reporting person called to report on same individual wearing a red bandana, who was allegedly trying to break into a location. The reporting person could not articulate what it was that the individual was trying to break into. The reporting person got frustrated and disconnected.

• Hit and Run on a parked vehicle—(Priority 3)—Ocean Avenue—6:36 p.m.—The reporting person’s Silver 2004 Lexus GS 470 was hit by an unknown vehicle.

• Suspicious Person—(Priority 2)—16th Street and Landing Avenue—6:57 a.m.—A male individual was seen loitering in the area. His pants were around his ankles and was unknown to the area. The individual was last seen walking in the direction of the Greenbelt.

• Medical Aid—(Priority 1)—Ocean Avenue—7:50 a.m.—Two individuals were stung by a stingray. Lifeguards arrived with a field kit and treated the two individuals.

• Patrol Check—(Priority 3)—Ocean Avenue—8:18 p.m.—A dog was seen locked inside a 2017 Toyota sedan. The dog did not appear to be in destress and police left a message on the vehicle owner’s cell phone.

• Transient—(Priority 3)—12th Street and Electric Avenue—8:52 a.m.—On the Greenbelt a male wearing a plaid shirt and jeans was seen walking towards Main Street. The reporting person stated his jeans are hanging low and his rear was exposed. A second reporting person stated the same individual was exposing himself and scared a couple who walking by. A third reporting person on Electric and Main said the individual was seen with his pants and underwear completely down. The individual was given a shoelace to help keep his pants up.

Crime Log