Crime Log

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Crime Log Compiled by Chris Martinez


Thursday, June 17

• Animal Welfare—(Priority 3)—2:03 p.m.—Seal Beach Boulevard—A small to medium sized dog was seen in the back seat of a small white car panting. The owner of the vehicle told officers that she had just checked on her dog after leaving and was already on her way back.

• Theft Report—(Priority 3)—5:03 p.m.—Landing Avenue—The reporting person had his specialized rockhopper blue men’s mountain bike stolen.

• Disturbing Individual– (Priority 3)—6:56 p.m.—Main Street—A sedan delivering a slice of pizza had in their possession a police siren and a speaker making announcements. The delivery driver left to make a delivery and was notified by the reporting person that he would be returning in a few minutes.

• Counseling—(Priority 3)—7:15 p.m.—Scioto Road—There has been an ongoing issue over the plants between two neighbors’ homes continuously being moved. 

• Disturbing Individual—(Priority 2)—7:21 p.m.—Crestview Avenue—A female on her balcony was heard yelling at the reporting person for more than two hours about construction. The women who was yelling appeared to be intoxicated when confronted by officers. The reporting person refused to answer the door or talk to officers.

• Traffic Stop—(Priority 4)—9:18 p.m.—Ocean Avenue and 11th Street—Following a traffic stop Joseph Hebish, 19, was cited on suspicion of possession of illegal fireworks. 

• Illegally Parked—(Priority 4)—9:36 p.m.—A resident’s vehicle has repeatedly parked across the street from the reporting person. Officials contacted the resident and the vehicle was moved.

Friday, June 18

• Welfare Check—(Priority 2)—5:54 a.m.—Pacific Coast Highway and Philips Street—A female in her 30s wearing a black shirt and no pants was seen walking off the street towards the bridge. The reporting person noted that she seemed to have a black eye.

• Transient—(Priority 3)—10:58 a.m.—Main Street—A transient was seen loitering to the rear of a business, where they were seen sitting on the business’s furniture drinking a beer. Another caller reported the same incident, but told authorities that the transient was now headed down an alley, still drinking a beer, North on Ocean. He was eventually detained on 10th Street and Ocean in the alley.

• Transient—(Priority 3)—12:10 p.m.—Fifth Street and Pacific Coast Highway—A homeless encampment was set up on Fifth Street halfway between Pacific Coast Highway and Electric Avenue. A bicycle trailer with personal belongings was chained to a tree. Officers contacted the homeless individual nearby who confirmed ownership. He told officials that he had no plans for an encampment at the location. He was using the location for temporary storage and would be out of the area along with his property within 24 hours.

• Suspicious Person—(Priority 2)—1:55 p.m.—Main Street—The reporting person told officials that a man with PJ pants with the words “Dunder Mifflin” on them stole an item from the reporting person’s store, but she did not want to press charges. She added that she believed the man had stolen from other stores as well. The man was apprehended by officers. They confirmed the loss of one CBD item valued at $75. 

• Illegal Peddler—(Priority 3)—2:54 p.m.—Emerald Cove Way—Two males were soliciting in the neighborhood, pounding and yelling on doors. They left the area after the reporting person called the authorities. 

• Grand Theft—(Priority 3)—8:41 p.m.—Pelham Road—The reporting person’s mother was scammed out of $7,000 to an unknown suspect who she shipped money to.

• Counseling—(Priority 3)—8:47 p.m.—Seal Beach Boulevard—The reporting person, a resident of Long Beach, stated that she was being followed and stalked. 

The individual who took the call speculated that the reporting person sounded as though she might possibly suffer from a mental disorder. The reporting person told authorities that she called the Long Beach Police Department and told them that they, the LBPD themselves, were fake. Police advised the reporting person to contact other agencies after they were told the incidents occurred in Cypress and Long Beach.

Saturday, June 19

• Counseling—(Priority—3)—2:22 a.m.—Homewood Road—The reporting person believed an individual has been breaking into his residence for the past year. 

The reporting person had video of the individual inside his residence, upon review it was determined that the suspicious individual was none other than the reporting person themselves.

• Disturbing Individual—(Priority 2)—1:16 a.m.—Pacific Coast Highway—An individual was yelling and screaming, scaring customers.  He then moved outside and later left the area.

• Disturbing Individual—(Priority 2)—2:11 p.m.—Seal Beach Boulevard—A male individual was asked to leave the store for not wearing a mask. He refused to leave the store.

• Animal Welfare—(Priority 3)—3:01 p.m.—Seal Beach Boulevard—A large dog, possibly a German Shepard, was locked inside a grey Mazda 3. 

The dog was seen panting heavily. Police contacted the reporting person. However, after that, the dog and the vehicle were no longer present.

• Transient—(Priority 3)—3:07 p.m.—Pacific Coast Highway—The reporting person advised of a female individual screaming earlier. 

When she was asked to stop, she began to lay down on the sidewalk in front of outdoor seating. She declined all assistance. She appeared to be leaving the area. She was last seen headed towards Pacific Coast Highway and Main Street. 

Sunday, June 20

• Illegal Peddler—(Priority 3)—10:36 a.m.—Seal Beach Boulevard—A male outside the south entrance of the location was aggressively approaching customers asking for money.

• Hazard—(Priority 3)—6:04 p.m.—Sixth Street and Electric Avenue—On the north side of the library, on the Greenbelt, a tree with a large limb was hanging down and almost broken. 

The branch was impeding the sidewalk.

• Drunk—(Priority 2)—8:43 p.m.—Pacific Coast Highway—A male individual with a bald head wearing a grey shirt and blue jeans blocked a 22-year-old woman from entering the restroom and stated that he wanted to kiss her. 

The father of the woman followed the individual. Police counseled the individual and the family.

Monday, June 21

• Brandishing Weapon—(Priority 1)—9:58 a.m.—Marina Drive—On the bridge were three male individuals. 

One individual wearing a pink shirt and white cap waived a knife while the three were on the bridge.