Crime Log

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Editor’s note: This week’s Seal Beach Crime Log is based on four detailed versions of the log and one summary version of the log, totaling  161 pages.

The source documents were provided by the Seal Beach Police Department. Space makes it impossible to include all incidents and arrests.



• Transient (Priority 3)—6:26 a.m.—Main Street (Old Town)—The caller reported a man was throwing trash and yelling in the parking lot. At 6:34 a.m., the same caller reported that the same individual was on a skateboard and was going through trash cans in the alley. Police were unable to locate the person in question.

• Fraud (Priority 3)—10:45 a.m.—11th Street—Someone used the caller’s bank card information for an Airbnb (sic) rental. After the visit, they went on a shopping spree and cleaned out the caller’s bank account. Report taken.

• Trespassing Complaint (Priority 3)—10:53 a.m.—Pacific Coast Highway—The caller said an individual who had been advised against trespassing either Saturday or Sunday had returned. As of 10:54 a.m., he was back by the patio. As of 11:36 a.m., he was in custody. Police arrested Hiyabu Hiyabu on suspicion of trespassing.


• Welfare Check (Priority 2)—9:14 a.m.—Seal Beach Boulevard and Northbound 405 Freeway—An anonymous passerby reported a man close to the fire station, near the start of the fence, looking toward the freeway. Police interviewed the man in the field.

• Vehicle Burglary Report (Priority 3)—3:45 p.m.—Central Avenue—The caller said someone entered the caller’s car. Loss unknown. The suspect left on a motorcycle. There was no description of the suspect in the log. The caller said the crime took place at 1:58 p.m. The caller left his key in the car, but has since had a neighbor remove it. As of 4:56 p.m., police determined there was no los and not entry into the car. Report taken.


• Counseling (Priority 3)—9:35 a.m.—Electric Avenue—The caller reported being hacked by email. Police determined that the caller had received emails requesting money. No money was sent. No crime. The caller was counseled.

• Transients (Priority 3)—2:35 p.m.—Ocean Avenue (Old Town)—A police officer contacted two homeless individuals who requested information about resources. Lot item.


• Parking Complaint (Priority 4)—6:05 a.m.—First Street—The caller reporter what the caller described as a chronic problem with a car parking in the handicapped space. As of 9:33 a.m., police determined that all the cars present had placards. Checked.

• Disturbing Person (Priority 2)—11:47 a.m.—Avalon Drive (The Hill)—The caller said a man was yelling in his car, located off the Avalon gate at the bottom of the Hill. As of 11:57 a.m., police found a man talking on the phone. Checked.

• Arrest—Westminster Avenue—Seal Beach Police arrested Raul Romero Andrade on suspicion of misdemeanor battery on a spouse/ex-spouse/date/etc.


• Arrest—Ocean Avenue and Fifth Street—Police arrested Shaun Francismarion Bradley, on suspicion of Paraphernalia misdemeanor possession of illegal drug paraphernalia

• Arrest—Ocean Avenue—Police arrested Jeromy David Lowman, 19, arrest on suspicion of misdemeanor possessing of alcohol by a person under the age of 21.

• Arrest—12th Street—Police arrested Ryan Justin Sotelo on suspicion of felony threatening a crime with the intent to terrorize.


• Arrest—Pacific Coast Highway—Police arrested Robert Jack Marshall, on suspicion of misdemeanor driving with a license suspended/revoked for specific violations.

• Arrest—Ocean Avenue—Police arrested Dominic Ryan Garcia, 19, on suspicion of misdemeanor possession of alcohol by a person  under the age of 21.

• Arrest—Ocean Avenue—Police arrested Anthony Steve Merino Hernandez, on suspicion of misdemeanor disorderly conduct: alcohol.


• Arrest—Main Street—Police arrested  Jose Arnoldo Orozco Salazar on suspicion of misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance.


• Arrest—Pacific Coast Highway—Police arrested Michael Steven Debernardo on suspicion of felony grand theft bicycles.

• Arrest—Pacific Coast Highway—Police arrested Lewis James Scott on suspicion of felony grand theft bicycles.


• Arrest—Pelorus Avenue—Police arrested Kendrick Dwayne Hopson on suspicion of felony inflicting injury on spouse/cohabitant/etc.