City Council accepts 33 trees from Trees for Seal Beach charity

Trees for Seal Beach has offered 33 trees to Seal Beach. The City Council on Monday, March 25, officially accepted the trees. The council also authorized City Manager Jill Ingram to accept the trees and for her to have the city arborist plant the trees throughout Seal Beach. This was a Consent Calendar item. Everything on the Consent Calendar is approved collectively and unanimously, after public comment, without discussion by the council unless specific items are pulled for individual consideration. This item wasn’t pulled.

“As a community enhancement, Trees for Seal Beach has offered to donate thirty-three

(33) trees with an estimated value of $12,425,” according to the staff report by City Arborist Joseph Talarico.

“If the City Council accepts the donation, the City Arborist would have the discretion to install these trees at appropriate locations throughout the City,” Talarico wrote.

“This item is categorically exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act (“CEQA”) pursuant to Section 15301(h) (Existing Facilities) of the state CEQA Guidelines because it would involve maintenance of existing trees involving no expansion of use,” Talarico wrote.