Bringing a Seal Beach vibe to community

Family adds a colorful mural to home

Photo by Ted Apodaca Jody Williams and Samantha Seguine and their dog are working on a mural that captures the Seal Beach vibe for this home.

A Seal Beach family was looking to bring a little community spirit to Seal Beach, so they commissioned an area artist to create a mural on the side and back of their home. The house at 13th Street and Seal Way, was in the process of getting a large part of the mural done this week.

The mural has the name, Seal Beach, along with various inhabitants and visitors of the sea. A garage door on the side of the house was done last week and looks like a postcard. The owners of the home, Tyler and Reyna Williams were looking to brighten up the neighborhood and have a kind of public art that showcases what Seal Beach is all about.

“We’ve always wanted to put a little personal touch and for it to have community vibe,” Tyler said.

Tyler and Reyna brought in Garden Grove based artist Jody Williams to handle the project. She and her daughter, Samantha Seguine were given some basic parameters, and ran with the project. The mural is mostly a beach scene that has seals, dolphins, paddleboarders and even a diver engaging with an octopus.

Jody has been working in art for about 38 years. Samantha, 16 is the youngest of her five children and all have been steeped in art through their childhood.

“All my kids are very arts and craftsy,” Jody said.

Tyler said that in the current times of division and conflicts, his family wanted to bring something to the community that showcased what Seal Beach and the beach community is all about. They wanted a mural that everyone could enjoy.

“We just to wanted make it something cool for the community,” Tyler said.

More about Jody and Samantha can be found at, or she can be contacted at 562-244-8900.