Briefing Room: time to talk about mental health

Hi Seal Beach!

In 1949, just a few short years after the conclusion of World War II, Congress designated May as Mental Health Awareness Month.  Since then, the month has been used to spotlight and bring attention to mental health.  This year in particular, it is especially important that we take a few moments to speak about our own mental health, and the health of those in the community.  Undoubtedly, COVID-19 has caused countless disruptions to our lives.

Many people may be suffering from the stress of social isolation, financial instability, and emotional distress as we have tried to navigate these challenging times.  We know that sometimes asking for help is difficult.  We either don’t want to burden our loved ones, or think that the resources available should go to someone else.

The Orange County Health Care Agency has a campaign called “What You Feel Is Real” in which they are encouraging the community to ask for help, either for themselves or their loved ones.

There are behavioral health services available to help you and your loved ones cope with these stresses.

If you need some help there are several resources available on the Orange County Health Care Agency’s website located here:  You can also contact the National Alliance on Mental Health Warmline (877-910-9276), a no-cost and confidential telephone service, and speak with someone about what you’re going through.

Lastly, you can ALWAYS contact us.  We have several, highly trained Quality of Life officers who can help connect you with resources.  Call us on our non-emergency number at (562) 594-7232 and we will be happy to help.

Keep your questions coming Seal Beach!  Email today!