Briefing Room: crime prevention tips from the SBPD

Logo courtesy of Seal Beach PD

Hi Seal Beach!

We hope your summer is been going well so far.  It is almost August, so enjoy the last few weeks before school starts again.

I’m back this week with an important crime prevention tip.  While most people will lock the doors to their homes, sometimes they forget to secure their garage door, or worse, the entrance into their house from the garage.

The Seal Beach Police Department suggests the following to help protect your homes and property:

• The door that leads from the garage into the home should be kept locked, and should be solidly made with a strong lock.

• If you have an overhead, wooden garage door, you might consider replacing it with a metal rolling door which cannot be forced open from the outside.

• If you have a remote garage door opener, treat it like a key to your house.  Don’t leave it in your car where it can be seen.

• For criminals, garages are often the first point of entry into a home.  Keep your valuables out of the garage.

• If you have bikes in your garage, register them with the SBPD at:

• Remember to lock your vehicles, even if they are parked in the garage.  Don’t leave your keys in the car.

• If you’re going out of town, lock your garage door with a padlock.

• And don’t forget about our Vacation Check Program:

• Install cameras and/or motion sensor lights around your garage.

Lastly, and most importantly, please do not ever hesitate to call us to report suspicious activity.  Our non-emergency number if (562) 594-7232.  If it is a life-or-death emergency, dial 9-1-1.  As I’ve said 1,000 times before, we rather get a call and it turn out to be nothing, than find out we could have prevented a crime before it had occurred.  You are the eyes and ears of this wonderful community.  Please call us.

Keep your questions coming Seal Beach!  Email us at today!