Boy Band Champion


In the world of dreams coming true, Chance Perez feels like he may have just won the dream lottery.

Los Alamitos High School graduate Chance Perez recently became one of five winners of ABC’s new hit singing competition show Boy Band. For the past three months, the 19-year-old has competed against fellow contestants in Boy Band’s weekly Thursday night shows, hoping to evade elimination and garner a spot in America’s next favorite boy band. On Aug. 24, Perez triumphed, joining the band entitled In Real Life alongside fellow winners Brady Tutton, Drew Ramos, Sergio Calderon, and Michael Conor.

“I was overwhelmed with happiness, surprise, and relief,” Perez said of the moment he found out about his place in the band. “Winning the show was what I had always dreamed of,” he said. Even more, Perez expressed his relief at no longer having to compete against his fellow contestants, whom Perez calls his “brothers.”

According to Perez, the entire experience has been life-changing. After becoming a father to his now 2-year-old daughter Brooklyn at the age of 17, Perez believed his musical dreams were over. “I thought I had to stop pursuing music as a lifelong career,” he said. “I knew I had to start making money right away, and the music industry isn’t really the first place you go to to make a steady paycheck.” Perez credits his “Boy Band” experience with reigniting a dream he believed to be lost. “When ABC’s Boy Band came along, it was a miracle,” he said.

As for the future, Perez plans to continue chasing his dreams as a member of In Real Life. The band, despite existing for little over two weeks, has already enjoyed great success. After releasing their first single entitled “Eyes Closed” during Boy Band’s finale, the song reached number eight on the iTunes sales chart overnight. Last week, the band recorded a music video for the song, which they hope to release soon. They also plan to record a Christmas original, which Perez said will be released closer to the holiday season. Despite his packed schedule, however, Perez still considers visiting his hometown a priority. “With tour schedules I don’t know how busy I will be, but whenever we have offtime, I’ll probably be in Seal Beach,” he said.

Ultimately, Perez credits Boy Band with teaching him to never stop believing in his dreams. “If there is one thing I learned, it’s to never be complacent,” he said. “Always push to be the best.”

Boy Band Champion