Bounce back: Seal Beach City Council rejects bids on Tennis and Pickleball Center project

Estimated cost $621,445 less than lowest bid

The council this week rejected all bids for the planned Tennis and Pickleball Center improvement project. Staff made the recommendation when the lowest bid turned out to be far greater than the estimated cost.

This was a Consent Calendar item. Consent items are approved collectively, without discussion, unless pulled for separate consideration.

The city budgeted $2,630,000 for the project in its Capital Improvement Program, according to the staff report prepared by Assistant Engineer Denice Bailey.

The lowest of the three bids, according to Bailey’s report, was $2,191,445 from Klassic Engineering and Construction, Inc. The highest bid was $ 2,742,562.81 D.F. Perez Construction, Inc.

“The Engineer’s Estimate for construction cost is $1,570,000, which is $621,445 (approximately 40%) lower than the lowest responsive bidder at $2,191,445,” Bailey wrote.

“Given the large delta between the Engineer’s Estimate and the bids received, staff will perform a comprehensive review of bid documents for cost savings opportunities and value engineering,” Bailey wrote.

“In addition, staff will reach out to potential bidders to generate more project interest,” Bailey wrote.