Belmont Shore group on the move

Bay Shore Public Library in Belmont Shore. Photo courtesy of city of Long Beach

Editor’s Note: The following is based upon the Belmont Shore Residents Association newsletter.

Passing of a former BSRA president

On Dec. 16, former BSRA President Al Morrison, 83, passed away here in Long Beach. Morrison was president of the Association in the early 1990s when it was named Belmont Shore Improvement Association.

Morrison battled against the issuing of liquor licenses on Second Street. His memorial service is planned for 1 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 22, at the Bay Shore Community Congregational Church, 5100 The Toledo.


• Lucille’s at 4828 E. Second Street has an Alcohol Beverage Control sign posted on their window. As many of you may be aware, a tad over a year ago, Craig Hoffman and family, owners of Hof’s Hut and Lucille’s, successfully changed their license to include hard liquor. According to Councilman Gary DeLong, the posting is a procedural process, as at the time of the application, a year or so ago, Hoffman had advised their intention to maintain Lucille’s in the family without plans of selling.

• As printed in the Grunion Gazette, the owner of Smoque on Second Street claims to have the appropriate licenses to operate food smokers, including the red smoker in front of the restaurant. They have also extended operating hours to midnight.

The nearby residents are hopeful it will not become a problematic spot on the south end of the business strand.

• Quinn’s on Nieto off Second Street has a new business owner: Jason Rabenn.

He said he  wishes to extend his bar hours to midnight on Friday and Saturday nights. If you wish to provide The BSRA with your comments, let them know by either or e-mailing BSRA at or by writing to PO Box 30327, Long Beach, CA 90803.

• Traffic Lights for Pomona/Second Street and Claremont/Second Street: Once funding can be procured, there may be a long-awaited traffic light installed at the busy/blind corner at Pomona. Regarding Claremont.

Councilmember DeLong has received many residents’ comments regarding the need for a traffic light at this corner. People are waiting on an updated traffic study/report to better understand what the flow may be and if a light would be in the best interest for the Claremont and possibly Santa Ana Avenue residents. Motorists going the wrong way on Division and frustrated drivers drive every which way, trying to get out of the Shore.

Belmont Shore Calendar, January 2011

• Thursday, Jan. 13, at 6 p.m.—Belmont Shore Residents Association meeting at Bay Shore Library.

• Thursday, Jan. 20, at  8 a.m.—Belmont Shore Parking Commission meeting at Bay Shore Library.

• Thursday, Jan. 20, at  11:45 a.m.—Third District Neighborhood Association meeting at the Long Beach Yacht Club.