Aunt Gertie on Life: Aunt Gertie and Fearless Girl make a great combination

Aunt Gertie and Fearless Girl (on left).

On March 7, 2017, New York City woke up to find a 50-inch bronze statue, titled Fearless Girl, looking straight at Wall Street’s Charging Bull.

The challenge was on right there at the top of Bowling Green Park. The creator of the Bull was furious but Fearless Girl stood her ground and did not back down. This small child was causing a huge commotion all across the country. Why hell, Aunt Gertie loves to do that too!

According to Kristen Visbal, the sculptor who created Fearless Girl, the plaque below her states: “Know the power of women in leadership. SHE makes a difference.”

SHE, also stands for the NASDAQ ticker symbol of State Street Global Advisors, the company that commissioned the statue.

Aunt Gertie feels the statue is telling the world women belong in corporate positions too and the companies who employ them will thrive and prosper. Letitia James wrote, “Fearless Girl stands as a powerful beacon, showing women, young and old, that no dream is too big and no ceiling is too high.” Despite threats of legal actions, she still stands there today. The winner!

Bring your daughters, mothers, sisters and your whole family to see this icon when you visit New York City! Fearless Girl is brave, proud and strong, according to Ms Visbal. She may be tiny in inches honey, but she is big!

Aunt Gertie felt so inspired standing next to Fearless Girl and you will be too. She is at the southern tip of Manhattan in the Financial District on Broadway. Another worthy entry for your bucket list. Aunt Gertie says, “Just go see her and enjoy yourself.”

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