Aunt Gertie loves the Little Blue House

Aunt Gertie photo

Aunt Gertie dropped by the Little Blue House on the Greenbelt. It’s so cute I was ready to move right in. Charles Antos of the Seal Beach Historical Society said it was a bath house on the beach during the Joy Zone days. Really? OK, I’m getting the key so I can go in, take off all my clothes and get comfortable! Well, sometimes I just have to get out of this damn purple day dress and relax a bit! Wahoo!!

The Little Blue House, which now has more of a green hue, sat on 12th Street for many years until the owner decided to build on the property. The city was given the option of saving it but needed to move quickly. So it was placed next to the Red Car but not in a favorable position, according to many disgruntled Seal Beach residents. It was moved a second time so the view along 8th Street wouldn’t be blocked. The city’s plan is to call the area Heritage Square.

The construction style of the cottage is called ‘board and batten’ but it’s also referred to as ‘barn siding’ and was quite a popular choice during the ‘Roaring 20’s’ era when the Derby Roller Coaster, Jewel City Café and the Joy Zone were in the midst of their heyday.

The restoration of this historical treasure was made possible by the Seal Beach Lions Club. They did a fabulous job and the whole town is thrilled and raving about it! Go and see this quaint piece of history and try to do it on the 2nd or 4th Saturday of the month so you can tour the Red Car too and don’t forget to tell ‘em Aunt Gertie sent you!

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