Area Girl Scout Troop earns badges by donating to CatPAWS

Girl Scout Troop #70533 enjoyed a hosted visit to the CatPAWS Adoption Center at PetSmart Seal Beach on May 7. They played with kittens and learned about cat care and welfare.

Seven young ladies comprising Girl Scout Troop #70533 of Long Beach enjoyed a special kitten “meet and greet” on May 7 at the Helen Sanders CatPAWS Adoption Center at PetSmart in Rossmoor.

The girls spent the prior month collecting towels and blankets to donate for kittens rescued by CatPAWS, thus earning their Pet badges.

“Our troop was delighted to partner with CatPAWS and help provide items needed for this wonderful non-profit. CatPAWS did a terrific job educating the girls on pet care, safety and health of local cats,” expressed Allison Wootton, Co-Leader of the troop.

Kittens Crumb, Fritter, Mocha and Mystic were happy to socialize with the girls while playing with toys and climbing the cat tree. Mocha, who has limited eyesight, was especially active chasing the wand, demonstrating that even a special needs cat can be adventurous, playful and makes a loving companion.

“There is no doubt the girls’ favorite part of this experience was playing with and caring for the cats up for adoption. Many of the girls wish to come back to volunteer or assist in the future,” said Allison.

The visitors asked questions about cat care at home, such as what supplies are needed when one adopts a cat or kitten? (Answer: food, bowls, litter box and litter, scratcher, toys and – if possible – a cat tree to allow them to climb up high.)

They also learned about TNR – trap, neuter and return – which helps to ease the unchecked proliferation of feral cat colonies. They were also informed about the mission of Helen Sanders CatPAWS, which is to rescue “at risk” cats from overcrowded shelters, foster them while preparing them for adoption, and then finding the cats a loving, forever home.

Each member of Troop #70533 received a Certificate of Appreciation from CatPAWS to recognize their efforts in collecting blankets and towels. They also decorated cat paws made from plaster of paris and received CatPAWS tote bags as mementos of their visit.  Judging from the bright eyes and big smiles of the girls, kittens Crumb, Fritter, Mocha and Mystic worked their feline charm and the animal rescue world may soon have some new volunteers.

CatPAWS is a Seal Beach-based non-profit feline rescue organization. They welcome scheduled youth visits to their Adoption Center in PetSmart. To contact them, visit