Air samples collected by local residents

South Coast Air Quality Management District logo.

A select group of Seal Beach residents met with representatives from South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) at Doc’s Pie Shop on Saturday, Oct. 28.

The meeting was held to distribute air sample collection kits and to train resident volunteers how to use them during the foul and irritating odor events that have become a heightened concern for coastal area residents during the last year. Michael DiCostanzo, who recently briefed the Seal Beach City Council on undergoing community efforts, and Steven Stasoiski, who requested a call to action from the SCAQMD Board of Governors (BOD) in September coordinated the meeting.

Residents from different areas of Seal Beach were selected and asked to volunteer based on their concerns and utility, expressed primarily on social networking platforms Nextdoor and Facebook. Seal Beach is now the first and only community to have trained resident air sample collectors for these odor events.

Air sample collection summaries and coastal odor updates can be accessed via the SCAQMD Compliance page link

The SCAQMD has answered our call and community action remains a key driver toward an end to the foul and irritating odor events. Please continue reporting the odor events to the SCAQMD at 1-800-CUT-SMOG (1-800-288-7664) or online at