Agument for DD: Utility User Tax Modernization/Tax Reduction

Editor’s note: No argument against this measure was submitted to the City Clerk’s office of the Sun, nor was a rebuttal to the argument in favor of the measure submitted.

Shall the City of Seal Beach adopt an ordinance reducing the utility users tax rate; modernizing its ordinance to require equal treatment of taxpayers regardless of technology to maintain 9-1-1 response, police officer patrols, firefighterparamedic staffing, senior/transit programs, sewers/storm drains to prevent toxic pollution from contaminating beaches and coastal waters, and other city services; and requiring low-income senior exxemptions, annual audits, local control of funds, and no rate increase without voter approval?

Argument in favor of Measure DD

Yes on DD lowers the utility user tax in Seal Beach as it protects Seal Beach’s public safety and community services from Sacramento money grabs!

Yes on DD protects a critical source of funding to maintain fast 9-1-1 emergency response times provided by local firefighters and paramedics—while reducing your tax rates!

Since 1964, residents of Seal Beach have paid a Utility User Tax (UUT)l. Like many other California cities, Seal Beach uses this funding to provide essential city services such as public safety, 9-1-1 services and senior programs, including transit.

Yes on DD updates the City’s outdated UUT to require equal treatment of taxpayers regardless of technology used, while reducing your tax rate.

It is critical to all Seal Beach residents that local first-responders provide quick and effective medical emergency services. Every second counts when someone is having a heart attack or stroke.

Measure DD is NOT a new tax and guarantees tax rates can’t be increased without voter approval.

Yes on DD Maintains:

• 9-1-1 response times

• Number of firefighters and paramedics serving Seal Beach residents

• Police officer patrols of City streets/neighborhoods

• Storm drains and sewers to prevent flooding and pollution

• Senior services, including transit services

Over the years State government has taken money from California cities, including $4million from Seal Beach. Measure DD maintains the funds we have used locally since 1964 to preserve essential city services.

Yes on DD contains rigorous fiscal oversight and accountability safeguards, such as mandatory independent financial audits—ensuring all funds are spent efficiently, effectively, and as promised to voters. NO money can be taken by Sacramento politicians. Save our local control over how our money is spent for vital city services. Vote YES on DD!

For factual information: www.sealbeachca.govre.

Ellery Deaton, Seal Beach Mayor/Councilmember; Richard Coles, Environmental Engineer; Thomas Blackman, Former S.B. Mayor and 55 year resident of S.B.; Dave Evans, President, Surfside Colony; Ron Blaul, OCFA Deputy Fire Chief (Ret.)

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