Activist group remains a mystery

The Sun Newspapers requested contact information for “Seal Beach for Open Space” from the law firm hired by the activist group to oppose change of the site plan for the property owned by Bay City Partners.

On Monday, their attorney would not divulge any information about the group leadership or how to contact them, but said they would pass the Sun’s request to the group.

As previously reported in the Sun, SBOS hired Chatten-Brown & Carstens to represent the group.

A recent letter from attorney Amy Minteer of Chatten-Brown & Carstens accused the city of being committed in advance to the Bay City Partners’ request to change the site plan for the property formerly owned by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.  Bay City Partners have asked that the site plan be changed to allow residential housing. The site plan currently calls for 70 percent open space and a hotel on the remaining 30 percent.

The Sun continues to seek information about the group, making local inquiries and other searches – with no record or information available about the existence of the organization or its leadership. In an e-mail sent to attorney Minteer on January 30, the Sun News requested contact information for the Seal Beach for Open Space group. The e-mail included telephone and e-mail contact information for the reporter assigned to the story. “Thank you for your interest in Seal Beach for Open Space,” Minteer said in her e-mail reply. “I have passed along your contact information to the group.”

If anyone in the Sun region has any information concerning the contact information and leadership of Seal Beach Open Space, they are encouraged to contact the Sun newsroom at (562) 430-7555.