50th annual HB Surf Contest attracts 150 competitors

Aaron Katayama with John Valinsky from the City of Huntington Beach.

The 50th annual City of Huntington Beach Surf Contest recently attracted 150 surfers. The competitors ranged 10 to 99 years old.

Event announcer Bryce Mirtle said, “It’s a fun day for me being at the beach with old friends that I used to compete with and seeing their kids competing now. It’s great to see the new talent and to be able to hang out south of the HB Pier in the middle of October. It’s pretty special.”

Sponsored by the City of Huntington Beach, Huntington Surf & Sport, Java Point and Duke’s Restaurant, the popular event has featured such surfing legends as Bob Hurley, Rick Fignetti, Chuck Linnen, Timmy and Ryan Turner, Jeff and Barry Deffenbaugh, George and Max Lambert, Chris Hawk, Randy Lewis, Mike Morgan and the Pai Family—Taylor, Trevor, Lindsay and Aaron.

“This is a great attraction for our city, our surfing community and for all the generations of surf families here in Surf City,” said Aaron Pai, the owner of Huntington Surf & Sport, a 34-year sponsor. “Thanks to John Valinsky, Bob Werth, Duke’s General Manager Ryan Clancey and all the wonderful volunteers that made this happen.”

“It really brought back memories,” said Sam Clark, park manager of Surf City Cottages.”This annual festivity really brings people together and makes HB a better place.”

If you would like to be involved in future contests, visit, http://www.hbsands.org.