Crime Log


Crime Log Compiled
by Chris Martinez


Friday, July 2

• Disturbing Juveniles—(Priority 3)—Ocean Avenue—9:48 a.m.—The two juveniles were riding their bikes and not yielding to pedestrians. The reporting person felt they were going to hit someone as they were seen headed down the pier ramp.

• Transient—(Priority 3)—Main Street—8:03 p.m.—An individual wearing a green hat and brown shirt, holding a sign that read “my wife had a good lawyer.” The individual refused to leave the area and was bothering people. The reporting person called back to cancel, stating the individual left the area.

• Fireworks—(Priority 4)—Dogwood Avenue—9:11 p.m.—The fireworks were reported west of the reporting person. The fireworks location was undisclosed.

• Fireworks—(Priority 4)—Heather Street and Fir Avenue—9:11 p.m.—Smoke was seen at the end of the block.

• Disturbing Noise—(Priority 3)—Main Street and Central Avenue—9:29 p.m.—A group of approximately four to five individuals were singing. The reporting person stated that it was getting late.

• Fireworks—(Priority 4)—Ocean Avenue—10:58 p.m.—The reporting person stated they saw fireworks coming from the north side of the pier, coming from the beach.

• Disturbing Noise—(Priority 3)—Main Street—11:03 p.m.—A male individual has continuously played the piano at a location on main street.

Saturday, July 3

• Fireworks—(Priority 4)—Ocean Avenue—1:05 a.m.—According to a reporting person’s account, they witnessed skyrockets being set off on the sand on Second street. The Individuals were seen hiding on the tower on Fifth street.

• Malicious Mischief to Vehicle—(Priority 3)—14th Street—8:19 a.m.—Someone slashed the tires of a car.

• Fireworks—(Priority 4)—Old Ranch Parkway—10:57 p.m.—Individuals were setting off lots of mortars.

• Disturbing Individuals– (Priority 2)—Marina Drive—11:21 p.m.—According to the reporting person, two individuals appeared to be following her throughout the area.

Sunday, July 4

• Hazard—(Priority 3)—Balboa Drive and Bolsa Avenue—12:54 p.m.—An uncovered sewer main cap left a large hole in the sidewalk. The authorities were notified and the hole was fixed.

• Fireworks—(Priority 4)—Wisteria Street—8:39 p.m.—Residents were backing up the channel and lighting fireworks in their backyards over the channel. The embers were landing on the reporting person’s yard.

The reporting person had synthetic grass and was concerned that it would catch fire.

• Patrol Check—(priority 3)—Lampson Avenue—9:28 p.m.—Officials cleared out Arbor Park following a firework show.

• Patrol Check—(Priority 3)—Ocean Avenue—9:35 p.m.—A green laser was being shot in the air possibly from the northside of the sand.

• Disturbing Party—(Priority 3)—Eighth Street—11:59 p.m.—Loud music was heard being played late at night. The reporting person stated he had work in the morning.

Monday, July 5

• Traffic Hazard—(Priority 2)—Westminster Avenue—1:26 p.m.—A black and green inner tube was seen in the middle of the road.

• Transient—(Priority 3)—Main Street—1:40 a.m.—An unhoused individual was sleeping in a sleeping bag behind a law office at an undisclosed location.

Crime Log