The travels of Coraline the cat lead to adventurous return to Rossmoor

Coraline the cat. Courtesy photo

In early May, Coraline the Cat was adopted by a Rossmoor couple from the rescue organization, Helen Sanders CatPAWS in Seal Beach.

A short time later, Coraline went missing from her new home, so CatPAWS stepped in to find her.

Rossmoor resident Laurie Fulton had earlier adopted a cat from CatPAWS and became friends with Seal Beach CatPAWS volunteer Annelle Baum. Annelle asked Laurie to post in the Nextdoor social network to help find Coraline.

Laurie’s Nextdoor post got the community involved in the search for Coraline. Rossmoor neighbors Catherine & daughter Jill Thorndike posted flyers all over the area. Annelle, Laurie, and other volunteers passed out flyers door to door, at local schools, talking to neighbors. Humane traps were set in the area. A reward was offered by CatPAWS for Coraline’s safe return. Community residents donated toward the reward amount.

For six anxious weeks, Coraline sightings were followed up on, neighbors consistently followed and commented on the Nextdoor post, and hope remained strong.

In mid June, Rossmoor resident Krissy Brownell posted a photo on Nextdoor of a cat they kept seeing around their home bearing a remarkable resemblance to Coraline. Krissy’s 4 year old son, Athen, had been telling his Mom Krissy for weeks that the cat he’d been seeing at his home looked just like the cat on the lost and found poster at his school.

Annelle and CatPAWS volunteer Mitchell Cohen immediately went to the Brownell home and there was Coraline, a mile away from where she was lost, safe and sound after all this time.

Athen, presented with the reward, told his Mom he was going to give part of it to dogs and cats in need. The remainder goes into his college fund. As you can imagine, not a dry eye in the house.

The Nextdoor post exploded with ecstatic comments — “I’m crying tears of joy,” “the best news ever,” “Athen deserves a trip to Disneyland.”

Nextdoor neighbor Sandy Mrvos, overjoyed at Coraline’s safe return, recently held a community-wide Ice Cream Social at her home in El Dorado Park Estates to celebrate Coraline’s homecoming.

About 40 supporters attended the event, including Athen and his Dad. Everyone enjoyed meeting one another and sharing their common joy that Coraline is safely home.

A framed lost and found flyer of Coraline was signed by CatPAWS volunteers and presented to Athen as thanks for his invaluable help.

One CatPAWS volunteer summed it up “Such a wonderful little boy and family. He will always know that he touched many lives through his observation and persistence. I am so grateful that he saved our precious Coraline.”

Coraline is looking forward to her adoption to a loving forever home, which will be the final “happy ending” to this story. Interested in adopting Coraline? Please contact

If you would like to help CatPAWS continue the great work they do for homeless cats like Coraline, please send your tax deductible donation to Helen Sanders CatPAWS, 1198 Pacific Coast Highway, Suite D, Box 227, Seal Beach, CA 90740.


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