Wells Fargo Bank branch on PCH to close soon

Customers of Wells Fargo Bank who live near the branch near PCH and 12th Street will have to readjust their banking habits as the bank’s final day is two weeks away.

According to a bank spokesman, the Wells Fargo branch near Pavilion’s (1103 Pacific Coast Highway) in the Regency Center will close at noon, on Wednesday, May 16.

Signs next to the two ATMs adjacent to the bank say that the teller machines will remain in place after the branch closes.

“This is not an easy decision or one that we take lightly. We continually evaluate our branch network, and make adjustments based on customer use, market factors, economic trends and competitor actions,” said Regional Bank President Natasha Mata.

“While branches continue to be important in serving our customers’ needs, we’re finding that customers are often using our wide range of digital capabilities for many of their banking needs. As a result, more transactions are happening outside the branch. We are committed to our mission of helping our customers succeed financially and hopeto see our customers at another of our local branches,” said Mata.

Having made the announcement, the bank was quick to point out that there are two Wells Fargo locations within 3 miles of the PCH and Main Branch customers were invited to visit:

Marina Pacifica (approx. 1.5 miles away), 6290 E Pacific Coast Highway, Long Beach, CA 90803 and another Seal Beach location (approx. 3.0 miles away) at 13916 Seal Beach Blvd.

Mata said customer accounts will not be impacted. No matter where or how a customer chooses to bank with Wells Fargo, there will be no change in how accounts are handled.

“Customer business is our top priority, and it is our goal to make banking as easy as possible,” he said.