Veterans Voices: UNITED… NOT un-tied

Bill Thomas

In the English language, two of the five vowels A, E, I, O, U, are used in more words than others.  The “wrong”arrangement of these vowels can, and do make a difference in their meanings.  One example is in the use of two vowels in two words; “united” and “un-tied.”

The vowel, “I” particularly stands out in its placement in those two words.

The Patriots of the “13 Original Colonies” UNITED, and fought in the Revolutionary War to help bring about “The UNITED States of America.”  Men, women, and children realized they now had new freedom from the British ruling class; and that war helped overcome the high taxation the citizenry had been forced to pay.

Decades later, the “opposing factions” in the 1860’s energized the different attitudes and thoughts of many countrymen of that era.  Our country became “UN-tied” so the CIVIL WAR was fought… by the NORTH and the SOUTH that brought about the death of the then-current President.

NOW, in this 21st century, the UNITED States of America has again become UN-tied, much more recently, essentially due to the results of the American 2016 National Election.

There are NOT just TWO SIDES of any question or problem.  We know of the “PRO’s who are for; and we know about the CON’s, who are against, BUT the THIRD side are those who are indecisive, disinterested, can’t be bothered, or people who are ignorant and choose to be excluded in any situation, or are totally hypocritical.

Many people make reference to various occasions, situations and events in past history, BUT times, customs, attitudes, beliefs, opportunities, working conditions, etc., have changed and are CONSTANTLY CHANGING.  The world has extremely changed from the years of the Cavemen, the Iron Age, the Pilgrims and Colonists, the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, World Wars I and II, and all the current and recent wars.

Now, in the newer, scientific, atomic and robotic world, and the growing use of Artificial Intelligence we live in, and the ensuing situations and problems that these major changes will bring, not only in our current generations, but the problematic situations that will confront our children and grandchildren.

To prevent and preclude “ant-hills” of disagreements that can arise, people need to control their overwhelming attitude, self-centered ego, greed, selfishness, and quest for personal power that leads to unreasonable arguments, unhappiness, and undesirable endings; not only for the people personally involved but the “innocent bystanders.”

More recently, many people, (even friendly, family members) who discussed their political views openly, now, many are worrisome and cautious in using “politically-correct” language… primarily to avoid hurting the thoughts and feelings of others… or revealing their own.

Thus, to prove their own “points of view” are truer than those to whom they are speaking or writing to, they have begun using more “false facts” than ever before.

TRUTH is not always true in the use of “implied” or suggested remarks.  A few examples of leading responses are words such as: “perhaps, maybe, could be, possibly”; or phrases similar to “to my knowledge, as far as I know, my reliable sources, well-respected but nameless experts,‘ etc.  The major difficulty today is WHO and WHAT to believe.  What is true fact?  And what are false, slanted, confusing statements, or absolute, outright lies?

The point of this whole article is to remind all people of all ages, sizes, religions, sexes, genders, nationalities, “whom-so-ever” etc. to be extra mindful of what they are reading, hearing, and writing; and to try to verify the authenticity of the information, and its source.

Much of the “information” is altered and/or misrepresented with the “clever” use of cameras, computers, printed materials, etc.  Much of it can be believable.  (FACETIOUS EXAMPLE: Even the word “believable” has a “lie” right in the middle of it…  “be LIE v able.”)

More than ever before, WE ALL NEED TO BE SUPER-CAUTIOUS about what we see, hear, read, and write.  Be wary of rumors and gossip.

I’m 93, in fairly good health, and happily married for over 66 years, I’ve lived through the “Roaring 20’s” and the “Great Depression.”  I survived through three years of World War II combat.  We had expressions like “LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS” that saved many lives.  Many of the “LOOSE LIPS” today are relayed in many of the phone calls, emails, and electronic devises.

I’m glad to be a part of “The Greatest Generation.”  In preparation to fight the ruthless enemies of World War II, most all of our people came together.  WE UNITED.  We worked in war materiel factories known as “The Arsenal of Democracy.” Millions of women were trained to take over the jobs when they men left to became a part of our military forces.

Many thousands of our people donated their blood; saved all kinds of metals, sold War Bonds, and fulfilled a myriad of helpful chores to benefit our country.  UNITED, WE BECAME VICTORIOUS.

UNFORTUNATELY, nowadays, too many of us have learned from too many false, negative types of news, and taken on hateful, costly attitudes.  Too many “misguided,” hate-filled, individuals and groups have become terrorists in one way or another.  Many people have been seriously attacked, wounded, and/or died needlessly; and we also need remember to include the vast costs of personal and public property losses.

Irrespective of our personal, religious, political, etc. beliefs, We, as a Nation, MUST UNITE

and become the grand and glorious UNITED STATES OF AMERICA again.  We are the leader in Economics.  Let’s again become the leader in Virtues.


Let’s keep the alphabetical letter “I” in UNITED; NOT as in “Un-tied.”

Bill Thomas of Rossmoor is a Veteran of World War II,? and Past Commander of VFW Post 4048,?and American Legion Post 857.?Contact Bill at