Texas recruits hero Rudy Sedano from Rossmoor

Marine Corps Sgt. Rudy Sedano

It was happiness along with sadness that Rossmoor residents learned that Marine Corps Sergeant Rudy Sedano has been accepted by Dallas Texas Fire Department as a Fire Fighter.

Sergeant Rudy Sedano has served in the Marine Corps for eight years of active duty and will continue serving in the Marine Corps Reserve in Dallas, Texas. Sergeant Sedano also known as “Rudy” is a long time resident of the Rossmoor Community.  Rudy’s mother is local realtor, Yvette Mejia.

While growing up in Rossmoor he received his education from McGaugh Elementary, McAuliff and Oak Middle Schools and then went on to Los Alamitos High School.  While at Los Alamitos he was an outstanding athlete that played football and participated in track.  Fellow athletes recall him as the “world’s nicest guy but a person who gave Coach Barnes many a gray hair for his antics on the football field.”  As a football player he received one of many awards such as the Frank J. Doretti Defense Player of the Year Award.

After graduating in 2000, Rudy enlisted in the United States Marine Corps.  After training at Camp LeJeune in North Carolina, Rudy was deployed to Iraq.

Rudy served there for one year and served in Operation Iraqi Freedom.  He also earned several medals and certificates of achievements.  Upon the completion of his 8 years in the Marine Corps, Rudy joined the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve.  He is currently assigned to training new recruits to deploy to Afghanistan.

For the past two years, Rudy’s goal was to continue to serve society as a fire fighter/paramedic.

Rudy attended the Orange County Fire Academy Reserve Program and then the El Camino College Fire Academy.

He has volunteered as a fire fighter and has served in Orange County, the City of Anaheim and most recently with the city of Downey.

After a nationwide search of countless application and interviews, the Dallas Fire Department selected Rudy Sedano.  Rossmoor’s Local Hero, Sergeant Rudy Sedano will be missed but the Rossmoor community will always claim him as a local hero.