Sunset Beach Pastor renews marriage vows of 18 locals in Israel

Huntington Beach City Councilman Patrick Brenden with his wife Anto Brenden renewing thier wedding vows in Cana, Israel. Courtesy photos

Eighteen local couples renewed their marriage vows this March in Cana, Israel with Sunset Beach Pastor Joe Pedick. The Huntington, Sunset, Seal and Long Beach locals were part of the 85-member Calvary Chapel of the Harbour Israel-Jordan Tour put together by Pedick and Rabi Haddad formerly of Seal Beach’s Voice of Culture. Among those renewing their vows were Rick and Tami Nelson, Ray and Pat Carvalho and HB City Councilman Patrick Brenden and his wife, Anto.

“It was so special because Cana is the place where Jesus performed his first miracle, turning water into wine at a wedding celebration,” said the exuberant councilman. “It was a fitting location for my wife and I to renew our wedding vows as we approach our 28th anniversary in April.”

The renewals took place in a sanctuary located on the grounds of the Latin Parish at Cana of Galilee. “I quipped that after almost 28 years of marriage, renewing our vows in Cana gives me hope that this thing just might work out. Our trip to the Holy Land was an amazing experience that restored and re-energized not only our marriage but our Christian faith.”

It’s fun to hear such inspring local stories that have real meaning to them such as this.

Sunset Beach Pastor renews marriage vows of 18 locals in Israel