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Dear Lisa,

I love to surf and I get my hair trimmed every month. I was wondering why there are so many hair shampoo commercials that advertise products that can repair damaged hair for men? My hair has always been very healthy and I would like to keep it that way.  What causes hair damage and how can I keep it from happening to me?

Dave Moret

Seal Beach

Hi, Dave.

Hair damage is practically inevitable. In our climate, your hair gets effected every time you’re exposed to the sun for extended periods of time. If you’re a surfer, then the salt water can also effect your hair. If you notice surfers that have any length of hair, the ends are almost always lighter than the rest of their hair.

Schwarzkopf have a product called Bonacure Sun Guardian Shampoo and Conditioner and it does the following:

• Aloe vera extract that re-balances the moisture level of your hair .

• Vitamin E that strengthens and hydrates sun exposed hair.

• Allantoin that soothes the sun exposed scalp.

• Sun Guardian also has a UV Protection conditioning spray for daily use to shield hair against harmful UV rays and to re-moisturize your hair.

Most product companies have a range of products that are similar to the above so look at your favorite brand and see if they have a range to help against sun exposure and the use of this type of product will help towards not damaging your hair while you are in the sun or surfing.

So have fun surfing.

Thanks, Lisa

Staying in style in 2010

Hi, Lisa.

I consider myself pretty trendy and I try to keep up with the latest  looks. In 2009  my hair  was layered and I enjoyed having a very casual look.

My hair is medium length and with this style I would just wash and leave it to air dry.

It has been over two months since I had a haircut  and I wanted to ask you what do you think will be popular in 2010 both in cuts and color?  My hair  is a light brown color  and I normally get a  gloss color  to give it a boost when I get it cut.


Mellisa Legar

Seal Beach

Dear Mellisa

Happy New Year to you. I really think its great to stay in the now so for 2010 a very strong look that we are seeing a lot of in fashion magazines—the bob. It is more popular than ever as a hairstyle. You have seen many celebrities and women from different walks of life wearing this classic style. This is one of the many hairstyles that will look good on any age group and can be styled to suit one’s personality.

There are many variations of the bob and you can decide if you want a fringe or not .To achieve a sharp classic look, the hair is trimmed right midway between the chin and the shoulders so you can determine on what length would suit you best .If you decide to go with a fringe, this is also cut straight. The fringe should almost touch your eyebrows.

This look can be very dramatic in the sense that the lines of this hairstyle are sharp.

There is also a variation to the Cleopatra bob. This is done by cutting the hair jaggedly across both the length and fringe area in order to give you a gothic or texturized look. With this shape, hair is almost one length.

Another variation of the bob is the layering. This hairstyle is blunt on the exterior but as you have been getting layers you may find this easier to maintain.

Point cutting through your layers and giving your hair texture gives a soft natural look. This is one good bob variation because you can decide how much work you want to do with your hair.

To add drama or excitement, adding highlights would  be just perfect. I would recommend  putting in highlights in colors that are two shades lighter  than  your natural hair color and  placing the highlights from underneath your parting. This ensures that you do not see where they come from and you will not have a problem with re-growth.

On bobs this method of highlighting looks great as you get the softness and the light  around your face but will not have a stripped look on top and again you can decide how light you want to go or you could be quite drastic and go for a bold red/warm color.

A hairstyle  that suits you and your lifestyle can dramatically change the way you feel and look  and it can boost your confidence as well, so here is  to 2010.

Thanks, Lisa

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