Seal Beach woman and husband arrested in Torrance in hate crime/vandalism incident

Rachel Howell and her husband Gregory Howell. Photos courtesy of Torrance Police Department

On Thursday, July 23, Torrance Police arrested Rachel Howell, 29, of Seal Beach, and her husband, Gregory Howell, 29, of Carson on suspicion of a hate crime and vandalism, according to a press release issued by the Torrance Police Department.

According to the Torrance Police Department, the crime began as a road rage situation and culminated in the area of Artesia Boulevard and Prairie Avenue on Wednesday, July 22, at approximately 10:30 p.m. The following is the Torrance Police Department’s account of the event:

The victim was in his car when the suspects stopped their truck in front of the victim. The a man got out of his truck and approached the victim and yelled, “White power” as he made a hand salute. A woman exited the truck and yelled, “Only white lives matter” and profanities. The man then got a shovel and hit the victim’s car as the victim drove away. The victim later determined the woman damaged the driver’s side mirror.

TPD investigators identified the two suspects as Gregory and Rachel Howell. On Friday, July 24, TPD investigators obtained arrest warrants for both suspects for hate crimes and vandalism. The TPD’s Community Lead Officer detail resulted in the suspects arrest on Friday, July 31.