Seal Beach Run disperses $125,400 in local grants

Seal Beach Run Treasurer Elizabeth Kane, left, hands out the award grant to the Los Al Girls Softball League members.

Monday night was a time for cheers and charity in the Seal Beach City Council Chambers.

At about 7 p.m., Monday, June 27 the Run Seal Beach Committee announced the recipients of its 2011 grant awards.

The event includes a 10K, 5K and Kids Fun Run and was held on April 2. Once again it broke its fundraising record, earning about $125,400 that will be plowed back into the community for recreation, fitness, sports and some other causes the committee said it found worthy of its support. The event proceeds increased 14 percent over the last year’s event.

“There is a new aspect to our grant giving that we have established this year and will continue going forward,” said Seth Eaker, a director of the races along with Marc Loopesko and his wife Elizabeth Kane. “We have set aside a small amount of funds that will be awarded as “Directors Awards. We reviewed a myriad of local organizations for consideration in this new program.  The organizations who are receiving these funds are local and serve the community, but perhaps not in the strictest of context of recreation, as our general grants are chartered.”

Eaker said the committee member felt there are a lot of local causes that could use small amounts of funds which would go a long way to help better the community.

“It has become clear that the funds from the Run Seal Beach organization are to be utilized for the benefit of our community and the participants in ways that are valuable to them,” Eaker said.

The breakdown of awards is below for both the General Grants awarded by the organizing committee, as well as the Director’s Awards.

General Grant Awards—$112,600

Beach Cities Youth Lacrosse: $1,800 Purchase of practice and game equipment

Cancer Support Foundation: $2,500 Strong and healthy exercise class for cancer patients

City of Seal Beach: $17,000 Park workout stations,  Marina Park basketball court benches, Drinking fountains at Seal Beach Tennis Center, and Permanent Beach Volleyball nets

Los Alamitos Elementary School: $2,200 Execution of LAE Step Club program and purchase of pedometers.

Los Alamitos High Schcool (LAHS) Aquatics Boosters: $4,000 Player equipment for program and specialized swim suits

LAHS Band Boosters: $2,000 Purchase of new band equipment and instruments.

LAHS  Girls Tennis: $2,800 New racket stringing machine, court blower and pressure washer, windscreens & nets

LAHS Dance Program: $2,000 Completion of room divider for training room.

LAHS Football Boosters: $6,000 Purchase of new state mandated helmets

LAHS Music Boosters: (Note-ables) $5,000 Purchase of  new practice risers for choir room

LAHS Boys Soccer Boosters: $2,500 Purchase of  new goals to be shared with girls and AYSO.

LAHS Song & Cheer & Yell: $3,900 Competition transportation fees.

LAHS Track and Field: $6,600 Purchase of Hurdles, Timing System, Resistance -Conditioning-Strength or Speed equipment

LAHS Girls Volleyball Boosters: $1,500 Purchase of new player uniforms

Los Alamitos Girls Softball League: $1,500 Purchase of new player uniforms

Seal Beach Playgroup: $1,400 Purchase of new PE equipment

McAuliffe Middle School PE Dept: $5,100 Purchase of portable basketball setups and ping pong tables and supplies for indoor PE use.

McAuliffe Middle School Jazz Band: $1,600 Competition expenses for Reno Jazz Festival

Project Seek (McGaugh Elementary): $4,000 Wii Fit Equipment & audio systems to support PE and Special needs classes

Save Our Beach: $4,700 Purchase of  E-Z up tents, tables, & supplies for beach cleanup

Seal Beach Animal Care Center: $2,000 Sponsorship of 2011 Wag -n – Walk

Seal Beach Chamber of Commerce: $1,300 “Real Snow” for tree lighting ceremony night at Edison Park

Seal Beach Cub Scouts Pack: 116 $1,100 New Pinewood Derby track

Seal Beach Founder’s Day: $1,400 October concert for the  Seal Beach community in celebration of Founder’s Day 2011.

Seal Beach Jr Lifeguard Program: $3,600 Scholarships for summer 2011 Jr. Lifeguard program participants.

Seal Beach Pony B’Ball and Softball: $5,000 All Star Uniforms, All Star Tournament costs or equipment

Seal Beach Police Explorers: $4,800 Entry fees to 2011 Orange County Law Enforcement Competition and acquisition of needed training equipment

Special Olympics N. Coast: $2,400 Training & competition fees for Seal Beach, Los Alamitos, Rossmoor participants in program

St. Hedwig School: $3,200 Basketball facilities repairs and upgrades

United Water Polo Club: $1,200 Polo caps and new water polo balls

LAHS Basketball Boosters: $1,000 New logo’d sideline chairs for new gym facility

LAHS Lacrosse Boosters: $3,700 Scholarships for 2011-12 season participants

LAHS Boys Volleyball Boosters: $1,600 Purchase of volleyballs & video camera for training

Seal Beach Lions: $1,000 Lighting needs for 2011 Seal Beach Holiday Parade

Seal Beach Girl Scouts Unit 661: $1,200 New tents, camping stoves, & other camping equipment

Director Awards – $12,800

Seal Beach Chamber of Commerce: $500. Support and sponsorship of one summer concert in the park

Casa Youth Center: $1,000. Recreation programs or equip for the kids

Seal Beach Historical Society: $500 Education programs

Seal Beach Community Thanksgiving Dinner: $1,000 Community outreach

Helen Sanders Cat Paws: $500 Animal rescue and care

Community Sr. Serve: $1,000 Ongoing community outreach to inbound seniors

Friends of the Library: $1,000 Reading and Education programs

Eveyln Grace Foundation: $500 Support for families of children with cancer

Seal Beach Leo’s: $1,000 For community projects works to be defined

Camp Nugget- CSULB: $500 Seal Beach, Los Al or Rossmoor kids fees

Lincoln Military Housing Resident Kids Program: $800 Summer Swimming passes for Naval Weapons Stations Kids

Precious Life Shelter: $1,000 Programs for unwed mothers to learn life skills to support their children

Citizens of Seal Beach: $1,000 New Park Bench for Eisenhower Park

Citizens of Seal Beach: $2,500 Permanent lights for trees at Pier / Eisenhower Park

For more information, please contact Elizabeth Kane, Treasurer of the Run Seal Beach organization at: