Seal Beach agrees to cooperate with OC Transportation Authority on traffic signal project

Seal Beach has agreed to cooperate with the Orange County Transportation Authority’s Countywide Signal Synchronization Baseline Project. The City Council formally approved the “cooperative agreement” at the Monday, Sept. 11, council meeting. This was a Consent Calendar item. Items on the Consent Calendar are voted on collectively, without discussion, unless a council member or staff has the item pulled for individual consideration.

According to the staff report by Public Works Director Iris Lee, the OCTA recently finished a  Countywide Signal Synchronization Plan Study and has  Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality funds to implement the results of the study.

The Countywide Signal Synchronization Baseline Project would set a baseline for 2,500 intersections in Orange County, including intersections in Seal Beach, according to Lee’s report.

“To participate in the Project, the City must enter into a cooperative agreement with OCTA defining specific terms and conditions, which generally includes:

“OCTA Responsibilities

“• Act as the project manager and be responsible for managing, procuring, implementing, and completing all aspects of the Project;

“• Coordinate with the City to develop and implement new timing plans; and,

“• Fund the Project.

“City Responsibilities

“• Participate and support the Project implementation;

“• Provide available Project-related records;

“• Maintain existing traffic signals in good operating condition; and,

• Waive City permit fees,” Lee wrote.

“The Project would be beneficial in multiple accounts including traffic flow enhancements beyond the City limits and eligibility for future OCTA-funded timing and equipment upgrade opportunities,” Lee wrote.

“The City will be responsible to provide staffing resources to oversee Project implementation. No additional funding impacts are associated with this action,” Lee wrote.