SB Historic Foundation receives non-profit status and first donation

Deb Machen, SBHRF President and local resident and community supporter, Ray Longoria holding newly donated Model Red Car trains.

The Seal Beach Historic Resources Foundation (SBHRF) is excited to announce that on May 31, 2022, the organization received a letter from the IRS approving its tax-exempt status as a 501(c)(3) public charity organization. SBHRF can now receive donations, gifts and transfers. Donors can deduct contributions to SBHRF under IRC Section 170.

On Monday, June 6, upon learning the Seal Beach Historic Resources Foundation had received its Non-Profit status, Ray Longoria made the first physical donation to SBHRF. The gift was 2 motorized model Red Car trains that had been given to him about 3 months earlier by long time Seal Beach resident Richard Crooks, after receiving them from a friend who was going to throw them away. Knowing that Ray was a Seal Beach Lion, Richard gave them to him for safe keeping until they could be shared with the newly formed Seal Beach Historic Recourses Foundation.

As an organization, we are so proud and excited to receive our first physical gift and can now accept cash donations, grants and estate transfers as well. We are currently putting together a budget for Administration, Programs and Fundraising expenses. We are also looking for a physical location (in addition to the Red Car Museum and Centennial Cottage) to safely house and share historical items and recourses we receive, with the public.

The SBHRF Board cannot thank the Seal Beach Lions Club enough for stepping up to reclaim, preserve and maintain our two most precious historical resources to-date; the Red Car Museum and Centennial Cottage, located on the greenbelt behind the Mary Wilson Library.

If you or someone you know has items of historical significance, a local space/location, or cash donations that you would like to bequest or make available to the Seal Beach Historic Resources Foundation, please contact us at

Deb Machen is a Seal Beach Resident and the Seal Beach Historic Resources Foundation President