SB couple still on the run

Joe and Margaret Lazzari have completed 65 marathons between them.

Seal Beach residents, Joseph and Margaret Lazzari competed in the Catalina Half-Marathon on Nov. 13, finishing the race in three hours, 27 minutes and 26 seconds. Joe, age 73, finished sixth amongst his age division participants and Margaret, 74, was first in her age division.

The couple moved to Seal Beach 40 years ago with their four children to get away from the smog issues inland, that often restricted outdoor activities. The two became avid runners and between them, have completed 65 Catalina Marathon events. Joe said that their most cherished event was when they participated in the 2001 Boston Marathon.

“We were inspired by the elite runners as well as those participating in support of nonprofits serving the needs of local communities,” Joe said.

Joe and Margo have remained active in church programs, book clubs and environmental causes, as well as remaining involved in their children’s activities. Running is still a part of their daily lives, as well as running events. Joe said that when they were younger they often finished in the top 25 percent of the field. These days they are more often among the bottom 25 percent, but that does not deter them from joining.

“Participation is more important than standing of the sidelines,” Joe said.