Rossmoorgate: Board appointment to maintain status quo

Joyce Bloom

The Rossmoor Community Service District and the House of Representatives have something in common. Director Shannon Hughes and Speaker John Boehner have a prediliction to shed tears in public.
No one knows why they are crying.
What deep dark secrets have prompted their emotional outbursts?
At the RCSD meeting on Tuesday, April 12 the RCSD Board apprised the public that there would be an opening on the board because Shannon Hough was leaving California.
Ms. Hough was given well-deserved kudos and then turned into a virtual watercourse, continually wiping her eyes, being careful that she didn’t smudge her makeup.
Ms. Hough’s husband had been transferred and Ms. Hough has resigned from the RCSD board. She is going to a place that could use her talents! Wisconsin!
Shannon, I would cry too if I had to live in Wisconsin rather than Rossmoor. Lots of luck!
What bothers this writer is that the opening on the board and how it was to be filled was glossed over quickly and without much discussion.
Usually, Rossmoorians get to vote on new directors. After all the term is for four years and Rossmoorians should be able to know something about the direction that a new director might take. e.g.
What are their qualifications? What would be their policy in regard to expenditures? What do they know about the history of the RCSD and how critical they might be of the present Board? Would they have the gumption to be independent rather than a rubber stamp to the Board?
Guess what? This board has decided that they are going to interview potential candidates and then in their supreme wisdom pick the one they prefer. Why?
Their intention, so they said, “was to save the community the cost of an election.”
This is a board that is not cost conscious.
The plans that they have for the Montecito Center are very expensive.
For instance, they are moving the kitchen and bathroom in the Montecito Center to the other end of the building. Now anyone who has done a remodeling job knows that moving plumbing around like that is very expensive.
Did Henry Taboada and this board care about the greater cost? You guessed it. No.
Also, this was the board that spent over $100,000 on the failed cityhood election and now has begun to spend more money trying to obtain latent powers by having a community survey, hiring special attorneys, paying for the application, etc.
No! I believe their intention is to find someone who is in line with their “strategy” of obtaining latent powers for the RCSD. Oh yes, this person should also be willing to castigate Supervisor John Moorloch, who they have already begun to malign.
An election might be expensive. However, the Government Code gives the Community Services Districts a way to have a vote without a great expenditure of money.
The Government Code § 61008 tells anyone including the RCSD’s pricey lawyers that §61008 (c)) a district may conduct any election by-all mailed ballots or §61008 (d) the district may hold advisory elections.
Has Rossmoor ever held an advisory election? You betcha! The purchase of the Rush school site and the issuance of bonds was done by advisory election when I was on the RCSD board. The purchase of Rush by the
RCSD was a special project of mine and Del Clark’s.

Joyce Bloom is a former member of the Rossmoor Community Services District Board of Directors and a longtime Rossmoor resident.