Remington is recovering

Sea lion who came ashore in our town is gaining weight

Remington, also known as “Remi”, in Seal Beach.

Remington the sea lion may be released back to the Pacific Ocean in the near future, according to the Pacific Marine Mammal Center.

“Remington is doing quite well these days and the animal care team believes she will recover enough to be released back to her ocean home in several weeks,” wrote Debra Finster, director vice president of Philanthropy and Community Engagement for the PMMC.

“He needs to continue to heal, gain weight and compete for food,” Finster wrote.

As of Wednesday, June 5, the sea lion pup named Remington was improving.

“The vet team continues to monitor and work with Remington and although there’s been good progress she is not yet out of the woods,” wrote Deb Finster.

“Remington continues to gain much needed weight and is responding to treatments.  The next few weeks should see her in the pools with a group of her cohorts,” Finster wrote.

Remington came ashore near the Seal Beach Pier on April 8. 

When she was rescued, Remington weighed 24.4 pounds, according to the PMMC web

“Pups are dark brown at birth and weigh about 16 pounds,” according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries website.