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A resident counter-point to my Neighbor, Mr. Morris


Mr. Morris opens with two statements:  either the city has failed to cut the budget to stay within its means or failed to actively grow revenues.


The first statement shows that Mr. Morris has not participated in the budget workshops or he would know that the city has cut, cut and cut again.  The city has frozen positions and reduced service levels and paid for 2 additional police officers from one time money.


The second statement is what really concerns me.  This is Seal Beach, not Huntington Beach or Long Beach.  We don’t want big developers, big business nor do we want Main Street developed into a tunnel of oversized buildings to pay for our needs.


This is Seal Beach.  Sleepy.  Quaint.  Small town.  We need to restore our Local Control, increase our police presence, keep our fire service and get the visitors who also use the services to help pay for them.  A sales tax will accomplish all of that.


Mr. Morris, once we bring in big development to pay the bill, we can’t get our small town back again.


Timothy Prangley

Seal Beach


Limit terms for career Politicians

Alan Lowenthal is running for re-election in the 47th Congressional District.  If elected this would be his 3rd term for this office.  He has held political offices for the last 26 years.  his Son Josh Lowenthal is now running for the State Assembly.  I think it’s time to elect another Candidate to our 47th Congressional District and let Alan Lowenthal go into retirement.  John Briscoe would be an extremely beneficial person for the 47th district.  With his education and community support background, we can count on his working for the best interests in the 47th Congressional District.

Bill Ruzgis

Long Beach


Rohrbacher hides behind flag


Is our current representative – Dana Rohrbacher- not aware our predecessors bravely fought a revolutionary war to rid ourselves of unaccountable and repressive royalty?  His recent statement that Attorney General Jeff Sessions should resign for showing insufficient loyalty to President Trump by not stopping the investigation into Russian meddling and possible collusion reeks of sycophantic royalty worship.


The Attorney General is supposed to be the country’s top law enforcement official – not the personal stooge for the president.  Rohrbacher deceitfully hides behind the flag by adding Sessions disloyalty is harmful to “the country”.  Samuel Adams admonition – “patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel” – could not be more appropriate. Please vote in November.


Cathy Goldberg


Rohrbacher completely out of touch


I received a “message from Dana Rohrbacher.  I am sure all of Seal Beach received  it since it was sent at taxpayer expense.  The “message” discusses issues that  Rohrbacher claims to support.   For example, on Page1- healthcare-he claims to be in favor of health care and covering pre-existing conditions, but he voted to decimate the ACA in 2017.


Page 2-Education-Rohrbacher says he is “working with” Education Secretary to improve the educational system.  Sec. De Vos favors charter schools and home schooling, this will not “improve” education for most students.  We need to improve our public schools and not farm out schools  to for profit companies or depend on home schooling, which is not feasible for most families that have two parents working full time.


Page3-Foreign Affairs-Rohrbacher says he is “committed to security and well-being of the American people …” He lists Iran as a serious terrorist threat, yet makes no mention of the many shootings that have been committed by US citizens in this country.  This is a much more serious threat to our everyday security than any foreign threat, yet it is not addressed.  He has taken almost $50,000 in donations from the NRA -could that be the reason for his complete silence on the many mass shootings? My guess is yes.  Neither does he even remotely mention Russia’s interference in our elections as a threat-serious or otherwise.  I could say more on that subject, but there is not enough space in this paper.


And page4-the most bizarre one-under the heading of “Defending the Planet”-Rohrbacher has worked “for years to mobilize a response to the potential threat posed by asteroids and comets (NEO’s-near earth objects).”   REALLY????


How about working on an actual  threat to life on earth happening right now and everywhere on the planet-namely-climate change.  Rohrbacher is a climate change denier.  He is more worried about an NEO damaging our planet than the reality that climate change is already wreaking havoc to life as we have known it.  Witness the devastating Western fires, the floods and hurricanes we have seen in the last few years-this is NOT normal.  Rohrbacher is completely out of touch with real events and science.


I have no idea why this information was sent to me.  To top it off, on the back page of what is a four page re-election campaign pamphlet it clearly states that it is Official Business of the US Congress and that “this mailing was prepared, published and mailed at taxpayer expense.”  I thought election materials were not to be paid for by taxpayers?  I do not want to pay for election/campaign material and secondly,  I want to be taken off the list of mailings from Rohrbacher.  I am voting for Harley Rouda.


Claudia Horvath

Seal Beach


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