Political Letters to the Editor: Friday, Oct. 26, 2018


School board candidate survey


The five candidates for Los Alamitos school board were invited to participate in the 2018 Candidate Survey Project, hosted by the California Alliance for Arts Education in partnership with a network of state and local organizations.  The Candidate Survey Project offers local school board candidates across California the opportunity to go on record with their views about the role of arts education in public schools. The survey results give the public a way to learn more about candidates’ views before they vote.


Why does this matter? Because of the emphasis on local control, i.e., Los Alamitos school district, through the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) and the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), the decisions on funding priorities rest with our school board.


The California Alliance for Arts Education (CAAE) advocates for a complete and comprehensive education – that includes instruction in music, theatre, visual arts, dance, and media arts – for every public school child. Key supporters of arts education are the Parent Teacher Association – Fourth District, Orange County Department of Education, Arts Orange County, and Boeing Company.  Please note that neither CAAE nor PTA endorses a specific candidate


California Education Code states that every K-12 student shall receive instruction in and access to a standards-based, comprehensive arts education. The arts are vital in supporting key education priorities, and for developing work skills for the 21st century workforce and the creative economy.


Read our school board candidates’ views about the role of #ArtsEd in Los Alamitos.  https://www.artsed411.org/survey/


Donna Chinn, Ph.D.

LAN Organizer – Los Alamitos Alliance for Arts Education 

PTA Council Chair – Arts Education


The housing crisis and the November ballot

California is facing a housing crisis – and it’s getting worse. This November, vote yes on Prop 5 and No on Prop 10 and protect homeownership and private property rights in California.

Prop 5, the C.A.R. Property Tax Fairness Initiative, removes the unfair moving penalty for seniors, the severely disabled and disaster victims across the entire state while still ensuring they pay their fair share of property taxes.


Prop 10 will make California’s housing crisis worse. It’s the wrong solution for a state that desperately needs to create more affordable housing for middle class families. Seniors, veterans, both gubernatorial candidates and affordable housing experts all oppose Prop 10 because it will make housing less available and less affordable.

Homeownership and private property rights are on the California ballot this November and the election outcome will determine our state’s housing future. As a REALTOR® that sees the consequences of our state’s housing crisis every day, I strongly urge voters to support Prop 5 and oppose Prop 10 this November.


Lorette Murphree

Seal Beach


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