Police Foundation posts banners supporting local law enforcement

In the wake of the horrific murders in Dallas of police officers on July 7, the Seal Beach community rallied.  Thanks to the efforts of the Seal Beach Police Foundation all of the SBPD received a hot lunch donated and catered by Hennessey’s on Friday, July 8.

Additionally, two 4-foot by 8-foot banners from Instant Banners & Signs were produced and hung at both the SB Police Station at 911 Seal Beach Boulevard and at the Pier.  Special thanks are offered to the SB Police Foundation Directors, Laura Ellsworth, Erik Dreyer-Goldman, Tom Stretz, Scott Newton and Seth Eaker who helped design, hang and preserve the banners where the public could write positive affirming messages to the police.  More than 300 signatures and notes on each sign were produced and memorialized to encourage with the slogan, “Seal Beach Backs the Badge.”

Laura Ellsworth, who monitored the banner at the pier, said, “The response was immediate, powerful and positive.  What was most touching was when families would explain to their children about the tragedy and how we needed to be kind to our police—and then the children signed.

Chief Joe Stilinovich said, “We can’t thank the community enough, as this has been very hard for all of us in public safety. In this time of national turmoil please remember we are blessed to serve in a community that supports us. Seal Beach stands with you.  The community loves and supports the police department family.  It would be easy to fall into an  ‘us vs. them’ stance but that is not who we are.

“I know we are all shocked and confused but remember why we serve. Let the support of our community be your strength. I believe in you and thank you for what you do every day.”  All of us should affirm that hate is not a community value, rather that we Support In Love all of police in and beyond our town.