Opinion: The Power of Connections


One of Los Alamitos Unified School District’s priorities is to connect all students to school through their active involvement in one of the four A’s – Academics, Athletics, Activities, and the Arts. Research clearly shows that involvement in co- and extra-curricular activities correlates to higher student achievement and satisfaction in school.

Students usually love participating in activities, learn how to effectively participate on a team with others, and learn how to be resilient when things do not go perfectly as planned.

Our mission is to help students find and develop their unique talents and interests. Students may find a vocation in academics, athletics, activities, or the arts, or they might find something that they are passionate about that brings them great joy and satisfaction throughout their lives. And, for sure, they will learn skills that help them cooperate and compromise with others.

In Los Alamitos Unified, we have a plethora of options in the four A’s. Some examples include the following: a full slate of boys and girls athletic teams, including roller hockey and surfing; a full slate of visual and performing arts programs, from marching band to dance; and, dozens of academic, social, and philanthropic clubs and activities, such as Student Ambassadors, ASB, Interact, and Key Club.

Lastly, students can also connect to school by being a spectator and cheering on their classmates at athletic, performing arts, and club events and competitions. We begin providing these experiences to all of our future Griffins as early as kindergarten, and we have always maintained a strong music program at our elementary and middle schools. Involvement in the four A’s helps us Ignite Unlimited Possibilities for Students now and for their futures!

Dr. Sherry Kropp is Superintendent of the Los Alamitos Unified School District.

Opinion: The Power of Connections