Opinion: RPMT looks back and ahead for 2011

Dave Lara

Rossmoor Predator Management Team will always be grateful for the small band of neighbors who met concerned about coyotes attacking and killing pets.

They gathered more neighbors, created an email listing, then a website which formed RPMT.  It was through this group that they alerted the Rossmoor Community of the dangers of leaving pets unattended in backyards.  RPMT then sought the assistance of Supervisor John Moorlach, Chief Deputy Rick Francis and Orange County Public Works Director Carbajal.

Through their efforts and the funds collected from the community through the RHA, Rossmoor was able to rid themselves of coyotes and have coyote grates installed.

RPMT also met with Los Alamitos Councilman Troy Edgar and City Manager Jeff Stewart, raising the public’s concern about the fire hazard on CalTran’s property adjacent to Martha Ann.  They then demanded CalTrans remove debris from their property along I-605.

As time progressed, RPMT then expanded to locating lost pets and the RPMT Dog Squad was created of 24 members.  To expeditiously return pets to their owners, RPMT then obtained a microchip scanner.  Dog Squad Members have now returned over 50 pets to their owners.  RPMT will continue to campaign on Rossmoor’s dogs being on a leash to avoid harm to other pets and having both dogs and cats micro-chipped.

Neighbors, through their e-mail communications, expressed the concern of rising crime in Rossmoor.  RPMT then hosted for the Orange County Sheriff Department seminars alerting Rossmoor neighbors of precautions to take in dealing with this issue.  As a result, Rossmoor Neighbors have now created an enhanced working relationship with the Orange County Sheriffs and their investigator assigned to Rossmoor.

Neighbor’s concerns have developed a strong Sheriff presence in Rossmoor to include bike patrols, stake out and surveillances. RPMT now issues instant e-mail crime alerts informing neighbors of crimes currently taking place on their streets.

Looking forward, RPMT is working to establish a county policy for the handling of imprinted coyotes.  Due to the current financial status of pet charities, RPMT will continue to support and advertise their fund raising efforts.

Through its membership, RPMT placed 15 dog beds at the Long Beach Animal Care Center along with numerous blankets, towels, etc.

Although RPMT has restrained from the political arena, we know realize in obtaining various goals, the need for its 1,000+ members to be politically active on issues that involve Rossmoor’s Community in quality of life and safety.

All those wishing to join our journey, please e-mail REBTRAVIS@AOL.COM to join our free membership and self-funded community outreach.  We wish all our readers a happy, healthy and productive new year in 2012.

Dave Lara is a founding member of the Rossmoor Predator Management Team.