Opinion: Not impressed with Supervisor Moorlach

Diane Rush

Chairman of both Orange County Board of Supervisors and Local Agency Formation Commission, John Moorlach, would practice a transparency policy to avoid conflict of interest allegations—or so you’d think.

Instead, his smoldering quotes in Sun’s Feb. 23 article demonstrate a dictator’s contempt for the vox populi.

Findings from the Comprehensive Fiscal Analysis of 2008 and now, the Super City Case Study are like the boundaries of Orange County communities—playthings of “Emperor” Moorlach.

Let’s review:

1. During the most recent attempt to incorporate Rossmoor, the Fiscal Analysis was not available to independent audit under public records statutes.

2. The scope of the document made it difficult to compile.

3. Taxes and revenues went into a common pool making it questionable whether Rossmoor was contributing above or below revenue neutrality.

Nonetheless, Moorlach asserted the Fiscal Analysis proved Rossmoor paid $590,000 less annually than it used in county services and utilities.

Moorlach used this claim as a political crow bar, together with the threat of a 9 percent utility tax to Rossmoor residents if the incorporation measure failed.

LAFCO recently conducted a Case Study to determine economic benefits to Orange County if Rossmoor, Seal Beach and Los Alamitos merged.

The study was believed to be inconclusive and flawed with respect to Rossmoor’s financial contributions to Orange County.

After three unanswered letters of inquiry by the RCSD, Moorlach’s response was, “I have not promised, nor do I intend to supply, any additional financial data to the Rossmoor Community Services District.”

After repeated denials of access to this study that directly impacts the community of Rossmoor, the Rossmoor Community Services District resorted to the only practical means of obtaining the facts.

The board hired Harvey M. Rose Associates LLC, an accounting/forensic firm.

The Rose report found a $1,100,000 variance between the original Fiscal Analysis and the Super City Case Study. Instead of Rossmoor costing the county $600,000 annually, it actually saves the county $500,000. Moorlach responded, “Whether Rossmoor is a donor to or subsidized by the county is irrelevant.”

Further, according to Sun’s weekly report:

1. Moorlach asserted that RCSD’s hiring a firm to obtain public records is misuse of public funds.

2. Moorlach wrote that it is not RCSD’s business what becomes of Rossmoor Village, the last remaining commercial district of our community.

3. Moorlach employed the velvet glove approach claiming he had the power to influence the outcome of Seal Beach’s low cost housing strategy (if only Rossmoor would pay homage to him)!

Moorlach was reported on several occasions as “not being impressed” with RCSD’s queries and actions.

It may be of interest to Moorlach that many of his constituents are likewise not impressed with him. I motion that John Moorlach be recalled, any seconds?

Diane Rush is a resident of Rossmoor.

Opinion: Not impressed with Supervisor Moorlach