On Real Estate: Tips on finding rentals in Seal Beach

Jim and Shana Klisanin

Finding a home to rent in Seal Beach can be challenging, depending on what time of year you are doing your search. The following are tips on finding the home you seek.

  1. Knowing what you want—Do you like a nice apartment or will a house suit you better?How many bedrooms/baths do you need?   Do you prefer Old Town or The Hill?  What are the biggest attributes you are looking for?

Knowing the answers to these questions before you look will save time and help you know the right home when you see it.

  1. Where to look—Some great resources for Seal Beach rentals:Sun Newspaper classified section, which is a weekly publication with circulation on Thursday.  Craigslist is a great place to find local listings and see some pictures too.

Local management companies usually have multiple properties for rent making it an easy one stop shop to see multiple homes.

Driving the streets is another great way to find your next home as many owners place rental signs in front of their property without any formal advertising.

Word of mouth works well too if you know other Seal Beach residents. They may have a tip on someone who is renting.

  1. What is the best time of year to look for a rental?—Many people think that summer is the best time to find a rental, but actually Seal Beach properties rent year round.

It is just as easy to find a rental in spring, fall or winter.  No matter what time of year, there are always owners looking for the great renters.

  1. Now that you have found the right home, what happens next? —Most owners will have you fill out an application with your current address, social security number, driver’s license, current employment and other qualifying information.

Most owners will also want to check your credit.

There is usually a nominal fee for the credit check ($20-$30) per person.

The owner will then review the information and make a decision on which prospective tenant they will rent to.

  1. Worried about your credit not being perfect?—Different owners view this in different ways.

If you have or have had a previous credit issue, it may be a good idea to write an explanation for the owner so they can understand the circumstances surrounding the credit issue.

Some owners will be stringent. only accepting a high credit score.  Others may be more lenient if there is a good explanation.

  1. What if you have been looking for months and have not found the right home?—Seal Beach is a quaint beach town that is very desirable so rentals come and go quickly.

It may be a good idea to speak with area management companies about what you are looking for.  They may know of a property that is coming to market soon.  Many times homes can rent before they are marketed as people are waiting for them.

Seal Beach is a great community with so much to offer.  Hopefully this brief guide to finding a rental has helped spur on the search with helpful tips.  Happy house hunting.

Jim and Shana Klisanin have owned Baytown Realty in Seal Beach for over 30 years. Call Jim or Shana at (562) 596-6600 or e-mail at Jim@baytownrealty.com or Shana@baytownrealty.com.

On Real Estate: Tips on finding rentals in Seal Beach