Moorlach and wife test positive for COVID-19

Candidate for Supervisor seat will quarantine at home

John Moorlach is running for the vacant Board of Supervisors 2nd District seat. Photo courtesy of Moorlach's website

On Wednesday, John Moorlach, a candidate for the County Board of Supervisors announced that he and his wife had tested positive for COVID- 19. He stated that they would quarantine at home and that all of the campaign members of his staff had been tested and were negative.

“A few days ago Trina and I began experiencing mild cold-like symptoms. Out of an abundance of caution, we were tested for COVID-19 earlier in the week. Upon receiving our test results we’ve learned that we both tested positive for COVID-19. We are isolating at home while we recover, and are both feeling much better,” Moorlach stated in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

As the March 9 special election date nears, the Coronavirus remains a top issue for the candidates. As the vaccine rollout continues, the issue of getting schools back to regular schedules and helping businesses remains a critical component.

“As the 5th largest County in America, more must be done to help our businesses and residents during this pandemic,” Candidate Michael Vo said in a statement prior to Moorlach’s announcement.

Getting the vaccine out to residents will be key in the re-opening of economy, candidates said. However, there have been problems in not only getting the vaccine to those who qualify, but also in providing needed services along with the vaccine.

“The most effective way to protect public health and begin to restore our economy is by increasing our vaccine supply in the county, and streamlining the distribution process,” Candidate Katrina Foley said. “The faster we can vaccinate our communities the faster we can re-open our local businesses at full capacity, and re-open our schools safely to ensure the highest quality education possible for our children.”

Vo said there needs to be a more efficient vaccination registration program to make sure those who are eligible for the vaccine and provide with it as soon as it is available. That should be primary concern for the Board of Supervisors, he said.

“In addition to creating this program, I would spearhead the development of a Community Service Center in the 2nd District that would focus on providing critical services to our most vulnerable. We must also provide additional assistance to our County’s businesses who are struggling just to stay afloat,” Vo said.

Candidate Kevin Muldoon added that, while the vaccination process is underway, there are measures that can be taken to improve the re-opening process. And that more businesses and services can re-open in conjunction with the vaccine rollout.

The Board of Supervisors should continue to use an educational approach versus an enforcement approach, so the economy is able to rebound,” Muldoon said. “Public health needs can be met while still allowing businesses to safely open.”