Meet the Sunset Beach Community Association candidates

Rooney Daschbach

Rooney Daschbach

My decision to run for the SBCA Board was driven by my love for the community of Sunset Beach.  Our family has lived in Sunset for 31 wonderful years and we feel privileged to have found this little town.  Sunset Beach is a special place, unique to Southern California.

Being a Board Member of SBCA would provide me the opportunity to give back to the community. I think it is critical that the Board has representation from individuals willing to put the best interests of the community ahead of special interests and please make your vote count.

Debbie Culling

I have called Sunset Beach my home since 1985 as a renter.

I have recently retired after 34 years of service for the City of Hawthorne.

My in-depth experience working in the Finance and the Licensing and Code Enforcement Departments and my understanding of the inner workings of a large city would benefit our community’s future.

I have held many positions as a 25-year volunteer member of Las Damas, including Secretary, Treasurer and President.

If elected, I would work to bring our community back together by listening and responding to all of Sunset Beach’s needs and concerns.

Anthony Nobles

Anthony Nobles, 47, is married to Rhonda Nobles and has 6 children. He is the President and CEO of several companies and sits on several corporate Boards of Directors as well as being a director of the Sunset Beach LCP and resident of Sunset Beach.

Nobles was part of the transition committee, assisting in the negotiations to preserve Sunset beach and its heritage through the transition.

I am interested in continuing my community support by joining the SBCA and bringing my expertise to continue the work that will be needed to keep our community and its identity protected.

Michael Lyon

My name is Michael Lyon and I live in Sunset Beach with my wife Linda. I am semi-retired after a 35 year career in health care administration.

Having been involved in community activities almost from the beginning of my residency in Sunset Beach 12 years ago, I would feel honored to be given the opportunity to actively participate in the evolvement of our town and its identity over the next few years. I also believe that my ability to be open-minded in forming conclusions will be of value as Sunset Beach develops a relationship with city of Huntington Beach.

Larry Crandall

My name is Larry Crandall.  I have been a professional photographer in the area since 1980, and have worked for the Harbour Sun, Huntington Beach News and Seal Beach Journal. I have been a resident of Sunset Beach for 30 years.

Our Sunset Beach community has experienced fractures and division over the annexation issue.  I am running for the Sunset Beach Community Association Board because I feel strongly that our community needs to begin to heal, and also needs a representative who will always seek to protect and promote the majority interests of Sunset Beach residents and property owners.

Scot Dodson

I want the residents of Sunset Beach to be able to trust the SBCA again. There will be a new board and its responsibility is to represent the entire area of Sunset Beach that we all call home.

It is time to get back to listening and responding to all the community that we represent.

My name is Scot Dodson and I am running for re-election for the SBCA board. I am also supporting Rooney Daschbach, Larry Crandall and Debbie Culling as they will listen to ALL the residents in our community and echo the true voice of Sunset Beach.

Carolyn Caslin

I have lived in Sunset Beach for over 20 years, and my husband, Jim, has lived here for more than forty.

We enjoy the fact that Sunset Beach is such a unique and close-knit community.  My goal, if elected is to represent everyone’s ideas.

Living in Sunset Beach, and having my Income Tax and Bookkeeping practice in the city of Huntington Beach (since 1987), enables me to consider the best interests of our community and our new city. I was also elected to the Sunset Beach Sanitary District as Assessor where I was able to meet more Sunset Beach residents.