Loudspeakers prompt patriotic stir near Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach

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At 8 a.m., every day, The Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach raises the U.S. Flag and plays “The Star Spangled Banner.”

Until this past weekend, only people on or living near the base cold hear it. According to some news reports, people in other cities can now hear it. Many people love hearing the National Anthem. According to some online posts, not everyone was happy with the volume. Other folks on social media questioned the patriotism, and citizenship, of those who objected to the volume. (One thread has been removed and replaced with another on the same topic.)

Mostly, people seem to be wondering why they are hearing now what the hadn’t heard before.

According to Gregg Smith, the base’s public affairs officer, they have two loudspeaker systems. One isn’t working, so the base is using the one with the greater range. Smith said the base is looking into lowering the volume. “We always try to be good neighbors and cater to the concerns of any member of the community,” Smith said.

Mayor Thomas Moore said, “In regards to the Star Spangled Banner playing, I have heard a few residents mention it, but they like that it is happening and appreciate hearing it every morning. I have not heard any complaints.” Neither Councilman Joe Kalmick nor Councilman Mike Varipapa had heard any complaints.

Kalmick said it sounded to him like a temporary situation.