Los Alamitos Griffins football ends season in fourth place

By Michael “Dutch” Newton

Los Alamitos High School Griffins Varsity Football Coach  Coach John Barnes, with 281 victories, ended league season play with the Los Alamitos Griffins ranked 4th out of 88 Orange County High School.

“We had a great year. We had players going both ways on offense and defense,” Barnes said.  “We have 16 graduating Seniors. An excellent upcoming group of kids for next season.” Barnes continued,

“We have a great football program here at Los Alamitos. Eventually, as in the case of Los Alamitos we are having continuous success in football,” Barnes said.

“Success becomes or Own Victim.’ When a High School foot ball teams play Los Alamitos they know that they are playing one of the best football programs in California.

This brings out the best of these teams and Los Alamitos is their target game.

“Football is a year round program.

“We started the 2010 program this week, with a basic weight lifting program.” Coach Barnes added to his statement.

“And it is the parents of Los Alamitos participation that continues this success. The Booster Club itself rose over $10,000 this year for the program. The Band and colored guard is a huge success at half time. The Cheerleaders and the Song Girls are a continuous supportive sideline activity that illustrates the spirit of the Los Alamitos Student Body. And of course the Alumni of Los Alamitos”

Q: Coach what about next Year?

“The Spread Offense, we have the players, the quarterback.

“The spread offense is what I like to coach. Los Alamitos best seasons are when we run the spread offense. ”

A question for our readers: What is the Spread Offense?

Coach Barnes remarked, “Passing almost all the time. We have the quarterback in the shotgun position (About 5 yards from the center who snaps the football), a single running back, and four wide receivers. And we Pass.”

Half Time Report

The half time report was generated by the sprit and enthusiasm of a group of students that was observed and appreciated by all fans and the Seal Beach Sun Newspaper. It is this group that typifies the American spirit that continues into adulthood.

Cheerleaders—Jennifer Ramirez, faculty in charge of the cheerleaders, when questioned by the Media Box Guys (SB Sun News, LB Press Telegram, OC Register) who wanted to know. How many Cheers do the Cheerleaders/Song Girls  perform  a game? Jennifer responded quickly and without hesitation to that question “One hundred and 60 cheers a game.” Thank you Jennifer Ramirez for your sincere devotion to a group of young ladies.  Next year though the trivia question about the Cheerleaders/Song Girls must be, “How many calories do they burn a game?” Cheerleaders/Song Girls of the year go to the four seniors, Brenda Amiel, Lizzie La Ponsey, Ashley Frize, and Kaitlin Flagg. You truly are survivors.

Under Classmate Cheerleader / Song Girl goes to that Rocket in the sky, Breann Blahcher a freshman. 93 pounds, Breann is flung into the sky ten to fifteen times a game, at an estimated height of 15 feet. Mrs. Blahcher, mother, and fan receives an honoree pack of Rolaids.

Band Drum Majorette, Tyler Gilley, a senior, is the Seal Beach Sun News Marching Band member of the Season.

Tyler continuous leadership, knowledge of Music, and being a Los Alamitos fan are his many tributes.

Another plus was he headed the Pirate Band at the games when the Marching Bands entire 103 members were not present. Best music section goes to the Mule train xylophones players. Pushing their equipment from Parking lot, across running tracks to the sideline and then be expected to play, show patients, skill and mastery of their musical instrument. Band Faculty Band Leader, Richard Sebastian must receive total recognition for his suburb efforts for the Marching Bands success. A music salute and tribute to Mr. John Rush music director of Los Alamitos High School a job well done.

A very special tribute to the Color Guard Girls who’s splendid display of dance and rhythm in performing with the Marching Band movements at half time. The use of flag banners was actually amazing in their movements threading thru the band during their half –time performances.

Player’s mom of the year goes to Mrs. Pinkerton, whose continuous badgering of this reporter to mention every player’s name in the Sun Newspaper Sports page. It is this sprit that drives their son’s to success. Unfortunately, for this writer, her Son will be back next year.

Athletic Dad of the year goes to Mr. Robert Watson father of Robert Watson Jr. When his son Robert was winded and down on the field during the game. Mr. Robert bounded down 32 stairs, hurdled two sets of 5’high chain link fences, ran onto the field, stopped only to see that his son was up and in fine condition. Mr. Robert, not out of breath, commented to this reporter, “He better be in on the next play, you know getting me worried like that”.

Sideline Father of the year goes to Alumni and former great player for Los Alamitos Mr. Collins, father of # 33 Mike Collins. During the game, Michael Collins had just made an unbelievable block springing  the Los Al runner into the end zone for a defensive touchdown. Mr. Collins remark from the sideline, “About time you blocked someone”. Michael Collins remark, “Gee, thanks dad”.

Finally, the faculty member of the year goes to ticket checker, sideline credential checker, part time security patrol, and always present, awarded to the Principle of Los Alamitos High School, Dr. Grant Litfin. This type of leadership and guidance at a football game epitomize the standards that must be kept in the regular school curriculum. This reporter only comment, Mr. Litfin you must be tough on hall passes. Photographer of the year goes to Mr. Peter Greenthal. His average of 500 photos a game is standard. The time and effort to select final shots is timeless.

Second Half

Coach of the Year is a no doubt conclusion, defensive coordinator Coach Barry Sheh. Coach Barry Sheh bounding presents on the sidelines is visible and encouraging to the players. Coach Barry Sheh continuously updates the sideline judges and refs on rules of the game. Coach Barry vocal communications can well be heard up in the media box. When the OC Register changes its open remarks policy on their blog because of rude remarks about Coach Barry Sheh, by losing opponents fans. One has to take notice that Barry Sheh is 100% behind our sons and their efforts on the field. When the defensive unit is off the field, you will find Coach Barry Sheh instructing his players on the bench in a very calm, positive, and instructive matter.

Unit Coaches of the year goes to the Defense. Jim Van Gordeh, defensive coordinator, has put together a great blend of coaches. Complements to Barry Sher, Don Olmsted, Steve Scully, and his lovely wife of 24 years Judy Myler Scully.

As the season ended there was Coach John Barnes, he was responding to a few questions about the game from a few reporters, last always to leave the football Coach John Barnes eyes never lost contact with his coaches, players and even some band members walking over to the buses. John Barnes is still a coach, teacher, and mentor to Los Alamitos High School.