Los Al divers brave wind and cold

Erica Curry shows her form at the recent Los Alamitos Varsity High School diving competiton.

Sunset League Divers faced the cold and up to 20-mile-per-hour wind gusts to compete in Week 4 Diving competition at Los Alamitos High School on Thursday, April 7.

Cold temperatures cause muscles to contract, which could cause injury along with making it more difficult to complete difficult acrobatic moves in the air before entering the water.

Divers describe hitting the water wrong as feeling like being pierced by knives.  While all divers appear to have avoided injury, the cold definitely impacted the performance for many.

Los Alamitos Junior Adam Payne finished first in the Varsity boys, 75 points below his school record-breaking performance from Week 2.  In his first Sunset League Varsity Meet, Robert Smith from Fountain Valley came in second and Edison diver, David Scrantom finished third.

Fountain Valley Junior, Erica Curry won her first Sunset League Varsity Girls gold medal.  Kaylie Higa from Edison came in second and Heather Ross from Marina earned third in the Varsity girls.  The number of divers was lower because of weather, but one new diver joined the Varsity girls this week.  Los Alamitos’ top scoring J.V. Diver, Jazman Glover learned enough dives to become a member of the Varsity Squad this week.

The J.V. boys saw a shifting of places.  Ian Bearss of Edison earned gold.  John Richardson from Fountain Valley came in second and Daniel Scrantom finished third.  The J.V. girls saw a number of new divers this week.  Each school is limited to 4 divers per event, so a number of divers who did not compete in J.V. previously swapped out with other divers for their first Sunset League dive meet.  Anna Debella of Fountain Valley finished in first place.  Edison divers Lauren Barone and Nicole Watkins earned second and third place.

The Sunset League Divers have endured extremes of last week’s record-breaking heat to this week’s wind and cold.  They are all interested to see what is in store for next week’s regular season meet before they return for the League Finals at Los Alamitos High School the first week of May.

Sunset League Meet #4

4/7/11 Sunset League Varsity Boys Results

1.  Adam Payne      Los Alamitos HS      424.80

2.  Robert Smith      Fountain Valley HS        209.95

3.  David Scrantom      Edison HS      205.20

4.  Chris King      Marina HS      195.35

5.  Joey Grisby      Edison HS      185.20

4/7/11 Sunset League Varsity Girls Results

1.  Erica Curry       Fountain Valley HS       325.40

2.   Kaylie Higa      Edison HS      318.35

3.  Heather Ross       Marina HS       314.60

4.  Alyssa Robidoux      Marina HS      310.65

5.  Kelsey Randall       Fountain Valley HS       219.75

6.  Rachel Dean      Fountain Valley HS      216.05

7.   Leigh Hodgson       Los Alamitos HS       210.15

8.  Taylor Mock       Marina HS       195.30

9.  Jazman Glover         Los Alamitos HS       171.65

Los Al divers brave wind and cold